Enhancing the value of core banking transformations

The whitepaper “Enhancing the value of core banking transformations” by SunTec, talks about how core banking renewals continue to be an “Over my dead body” program for most CIOs with the risk of a failed project looming large – and how to be truly beneficial, transformation programs must go beyond being a mere renewal exercise. The business case for such a program can be strengthened if the renewal is converted to a true transformation program. This could then lead to both top line and bottom line outcomes that could make the undertaking of the transformation program worthwhile. This journey has to consider the delivery of a superior customer experience as its central objective, which would in turn become the true driver of success.

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Towards Customer Insight

The whitepaper “Real-time customer insight: The key to customer retention” by SunTec, talks about how customer expectations are changing rapidly, thus increasing the challenges for banks to understand them enough and make context-relevant offers. The sudden uprise of non-traditional disrupters has made the situation even more competitive, thus increasing the customer churn rates. SunTec uncovers how banks must gain a real-time insight on their customers that will allow them to understand customers better and become agile enough to meet their customer needs.

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Get on Your Way to a Secure Mobile Enterprise

This infographic shows the key points on the path to a secure mobile enterprise, and how holistic protection from IBM can help organizations move beyond device security and extend protection to sensitive content, applications and transactions.

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Run WebSphere Application Server on the Cloud

WebSphere Application Server provides peace of mind and maximum uptime through intelligent management capabilities with a choice of deployment options such as Pure Application Service and SoftLayerĀ®. These ready-to-use capabilities will save you time so you can focus on what you do best - building and delivering game changing applications.

Learn more about this new 2-for-1 cloud deployment offer for WebSphere Application Server. There's never been a better time to build and move your WebSphere apps to the cloud on SoftLayer.

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Successful Healthcare Analytics Begin with the Right Data Blueprint

To address regulatory and market pressures, healthcare provider organizations must look for ways to build more sustainable healthcare systems that control costs, boost operating margins, grow market share, improve care collaboration and outcomes, and flexibly respond to changing conditions.

In the long term, analytics systems can provide organizations with the comprehensive understanding of operational and clinical processes and costs they will need to improve financial, administrative and clinical decision making, increase operational efficiency, improve patient safety and care quality, and reduce fraud.

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Data-Driven Healthcare Organizations Use Big Data Analytics for Big Gains

Healthcare organizations cannot improve what they cannot measure. The best way for organizations to ensure their long-term success is by leveraging data to:
  • Gain a better understanding of actual costs and outcomes
  • Identify areas where they have the most to gain from improvements
  • Rigorously track performance over time

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Using Analytics and Collaboration to Improve Healthcare Quality and Outcomes

As healthcare organizations attempt to enhance processes to improve care and outcomes, most will focus first on one of three core areas where collaboration and analytics can yield the greatest benefits: advancing patient safety, improving clinical outcomes and promoting wellness and disease management.

This white paper discusses how organizations can benefit from implementing collaboration and analytics processes in the three core areas, how healthcare organizations are successfully using collaboration and analytics to improve outcomes and value, and the best way for organizations to achieve their collaboration and analytics goals.

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Leverage Expertise and Data to Improve Intensive Care Medicine

The impact of streaming analytics in healthcare cannot be overestimated; it has the potential to fundamentally change the way intensive care medicine is practiced, improving both efficiency and patient outcomes.

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Aberdeen Group – Improving Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting with Advanced Analytics

Read this research report by Aberdeen Group, based on a survey of 167 organizations to uncover the challenges that they face in utilizing performance data and the steps needed to create baseline budgets, tactics for taking the planning to the next level through advanced analytics.

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How Finance Teams Can Help Their Organizations Get Future-Ready

The issue is that many finance teams are far from being future ready.

How many finance teams today have:
  • Fully embraced all the lean best practices?
  • An annual planning process that helps their organization prepare for the unexpected?
  • Successfully adopted the tried and tested leading-edge technologies now available in the 21st century?

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