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Mitt Romney Debates Mitt Romney
Goals for the Next Week
Debate with only frames
Eugene D. Genovese, 1930 — 2012
Leo Ribuffo in Jacobin Magazine: The death of a favorite teacher in his or her late old age typically evokes strong emotions from former students in their early old age. In this case the emotions are mine and the teacher...
Why I’m Cancelling My Massage Envy Membership
For the past year, I’ve been enrolled in Massage Envy’s membership program and as my term comes up I decided to do some math and figure out if it’s worth it.  First, the monthly member ship fee is $60 per month then you pay a rate for either 60, 90 or 120 *minute massages.    The [...]
Obama ready to deal on Social Security?
8 Traits of Successful Real Estate Investors
Take a few minutes to think about the successful people around you, not only financially, but also those who embody personal success. Consider the characteristics each of them possess and how these characteristics have fueled their achievements in their given field. Over the past several years I have come in contact with quite a few [...]

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8 Traits of Successful Real Estate Investors

Sunday Fun: iPhone 5 Trailer
Thanks to Sam Fawaz for this one. I love the BodyTime app. That is a great idea!
The First Election Debate and Links

President Barack Obama and Republican Nominee Mitt Romney sparred with words this week for the first official debate. Both debaters shared their campaign’s views on heavy hitting topics, undoubtedly telling some white lies in order to sway voters.  Both parties promise to fix all of your problems all while not increasing taxes or cutting funding [...]

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The First Election Debate and Links

Sunday Poem
Not Many Kingdoms Left I write the lips of the moon upon her shoulders. In a temple of silvery farawayness I guard her to rest. For her bed I write a stillness over all the swans of the world. With...
A Columbus Day 2012 Roundup
Has it really been 520 years already? It seems like yesterday Columbus discovered America. Time waits for no one, and nothing, not even the weekly look back at the best PF reading this past week. Neal Frankle wrote Why (almost) Every Life Insurance Policy With Cash Value Stinks. I agree with Neal on this one, [...]
Got Cash? (Part 2)
In the first part of this irregular series, I tried to point out the value of having some slack assets should attractive opportunities present themselves. I try to raise cash in my equity strategy as valuations rise.  I try to reduce cash as valuations fall.  It doesn’t work perfectly, but I do think it reduces [...]
Glut of Solar Panels Is a New Test for China
"a looming financial disaster, not only for manufacturers but for state-owned banks that financed factories with approximately $18 billion in low-rate loans and for municipal and provincial governments that provided loan guarantees and sold manufacturers valuable land at deeply discounted prices." ... I AM SURPRISED THAT CLIENTS IN THE INDUSTRY CONTINUE TO BE ABLE TO GET CHEAP (HUGE!) LOANS
Weighing the Week Ahead: Entering a Season of Fear?
Each turn of the calendar seems to bring a new warning for investors. There are reasons offered for many specific months, but we never seem to hear the corollary about when to buy. If you are a fan of "sell...
Broken Ruler
Sorry for the lack of publishing recently.  I have not been feeling well.  Not sure what it is, but I am feeling a little better now. Under normal circumstances, where a few defaults don’t threaten the whole economic system, and the government is running close to a balanced budget, and the Fed isn’t in a [...]
Spending Report: October 2012 Week One
5 Tips For Simplifying Your Finances
So many people that I talk to want to get a good handle on their family’s finances, but they are so intimidated by their finances that they don’t know where to start. How can they stay on top of all of their financial assets, their goals, and their debts at the same time? The overwhelming [...]
7 Real Estate Investing Lessons We Can Learn from Steve Jobs
I recently read the book “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson. As brilliant as Steve Jobs was, I came away from the book not with a sense of awe about the man who Steve Jobs was, but how despite his incredible success, how idiosyncratic and deeply flawed a human being he really was. Yes, he was [...]

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7 Real Estate Investing Lessons We Can Learn from Steve Jobs

The Hartford Land Trust Company, LLC & The Cambridge Land Trust Company, LLC – Consumer Complaint – 10-6-2012
From How to Get Out of Debt Consumer Statement: I wasn’t scammed personally but want to protect my neighbors from a new Florida Land Trust company that mirrors Fidelity Land Trust. Hello Get Out Of Debt Guy, I think you did a wonderful job exposing the Fidelity Land Trust but unforchantly these scum bags have reorganized in Broward County under The Hartford [...] Read the full article at...

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1st Choice Document Preparation LLC. Reader Wants to Know Who is Behind It.
From How to Get Out of Debt A reader and tipster sent in an inquiry about 1st Choice Document Preparation, LLC. They expressed a concern that the company was tied to others in the California loan modification marketplace so I wanted to take a look and see what I could find. It appears 1st Choice Document Preparation, LLC was registered in the [...] Read the full article at GetOutOfDebt.org, click...

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Schedule for Week of Oct 7th
Hymns to Misunderstanding
Having captured this Mathews omnibus, I didn’t begin reading immediately. How much time passed before I entered, via The Conversions, the Mathewsian orbit? (Surely my journals from the period could help me pin down the date—if only I could find...
do we know germany?
Nooteboom found the sort of fears that Grass expresses everywhere. “One question was on everyone’s mind at the time, and by everyone, I mean Germans themselves most of all: ‘What kind of country are we becoming?’” he writes. “Students at...
A Hippie Dream
On the one hand, "Waging Heavy Peace" is a mess — sprawling, improvisational, like a sloppy 40-minute jam on "Like a Hurricane." But it is also revealing, even (at times) oddly beautiful, a stream-of-consciousness-meditation on where Young has been, where...
Watchlist for Monday October 8th
Reality TV Real Estate Flipping: How ‘Real’ is It?
Hi. My name is Clay and I’m a reality TV addict. Survivor, Shark Tank, The Amazing Race, Big Brother, and the list goes on… At the top of my list though are the reality shows about real estate, in particular, flipping. I am a sucker for them, and if I’m honest, they were a big [...]

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Reality TV Real Estate Flipping: How ‘Real’ is It?

7.8% Unemployment Number Conspiracy?
Summary for Week Ending Oct 5th
Grant Wahl Inside Barcelona Rivalry with Real Madrid unlike anything in U.S.
This week's Sports Illustrated features an in-depth look at the club and its global appeal. BARCELONA, Spain -- It's usually fascinating when parallel sports cultures collide, so when I sat ...
Saturday Poem
Toba 1 I have nothing to write about My flesh is bared to the sun My wife is beautiful My children are healthy Let me tell you the truth I am not a poet I just pretend to be one...
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