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Where Is The Justice Department on Voter Suppression Efforts?
    I’m sorry, but given the importance of the Wisconsin elections last night (again, another suspected election rigging in the same district that gave Judge David Prosser back his job after physically choking one of his female colleagues)  the question needs to be asked.  I’m not counting on an invite to the WH to [...]
Boehner Confronted by His Own Constituents for Failing to Create Jobs
This is one instance where blogging has its own rewards.  I received an email from Michael Uehlein, who is working with a collaborative partnership called “American Dream”, and he informed me that he liked yesterday’s post on “The Unemployed Don’t vote”.  Moreover, as the Congress members have gone back to the districts they say they [...]
Fire it up
Fire it up POLITICO EXCLUSIVE -- The President’s private 50th birthday bash, not listed on his public schedule: His gift to the press corps was a travel/photo lid shortly after 4 p.m., prompting what pooler Julie Mason called “general cheering in WH workspace.” An hour later, the party started… (Read on Source)
Obama Signs Budget Bill; White House a Lonely Place
...Or, maybe I should I have titled this: Obama Finally Does Eat His Peas.
Blackboard in agreements with Cengage, Wiley, Pearson and Macmillan
Feldman: The Community Organizer Who Would be King
I really have to stop reading MayBee’s sarcastic comments just  before bedtime. She was making fun of Michelle Obama’s teleprompter speech to some lady donors: “It’s also pretty funny to picture them, actually sitting on a sofa in the WH …
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Real-Status builds a bird’s eye view of a cloud [Company News]
Behind the cloud are thousands of servers, switches, appliances both physical and virtual, and any number of complicating bits of machinery and software all just waiting to cause a problem. Understanding and monitoring that massive infrastructure is the world of LaunchPad finalist Real-Status.
White House Flickr Snapshot – Late June ‘11 Edition (#1): War and Economy
The lack of focus on the war or the economy in the last group of photos uploaded to the White House Flickr stream is a real mystery.
White House Flickr: The Finger
And then, talking about petty visual putdowns by the WH where Netanyahu is concerned....
How It All Began
I graduated from college in the year 2000. It was an incredibly exciting time. Not only was I about to step out of the safety of the educational system and into the real world for the first time but as everyone back then knew we were only a few months away from getting flying cars [...]
Report: Planned Parenthood Rider Issue Resolved, Money Now The Only Issue
NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd reports via Twitter: WH and GOP aides involved in the talks are now on same page: the remaining issues are money. The rider issue has been resolved. Assuming this is the case, it would seem that a deal can be reached, although it may take a one or two [...]
Shutdown Theater update: Boehner schedules stop-gap vote tomorrow; WH meeting tonight 8:45pm
Beltway buzz breaking this afternoon: House Speaker John Boehner reportedly has scheduled a vote tomorrow on the GOP’s one-week, stop-gap continuing resolution. Here. ABC News reports that Boehner cried briefly at a GOP briefing on the negotiations. Mark Knoller adds: “Obama/Boehner phone call lasted 3 mins. Boehner said it’s House’s goal to avoid a govt [...]
Re: How to limit rows read to 1 rows
I have this in my personal notes. Maybe this can help: $(library).CUSTACT FETCH FIRST ROW ONLY $(library).CUSTACT FETCH FIRST (# of rows) ROWS ONLY Regards, PETER VIDAL PALL CORPORATION SR System Analyst | WH Application Development 10540 Ridge Rd., Suite ...

HMV and Waterstones Store Closures – Changing Economy or Failure to Change?
HMV today announced they were closing 40 HMV and 20 Waterstones stores after poor Christmas trading figures, claiming bad weather and difficult trading conditions are forcing them into cost cutting measures. Trading was down 10% and the retail giant warned profits would be at the lower end of their forecasts. Is it bad weather and [...]
Chicago on the Potomac; Update: Daley announcement imminent
1/5 update As anticipated, a WH announcement on Daley’s chief-of-staff appointment is imminent, according to wire reports breaking this morning. On Fox & Friends, I discussed my column on Daley — and reacted to Karl Rove’s assertion that Daley is a “centrist” here. Update II: White House just announced that they’ll formally unveil Daley Machine [...]
Enterprise Nation in the New Year
It’s 2011 and at Enterprise Nation we’re gearing up to bring you some goodies over the next 12 months! Starting with the launch of a Start Up Kit in January, we’ll then be releasing e-books and digital products, hosting live events and developing Bitsy as the web’s friendliest B2B marketplace. Every product is built and [...]
Tic-tok, let’s get this party started
In five days we will learn if the reformers in the Senate have the votes to make endless obstruction in that body more difficult in the 112th Congress. Talking Points Memo has a fine run down of the tic-tok and dance steps required to get this done. Steve Benen adds some more details here and Jonathan [...]
links for 2010-12-30
Aggressive Police Actions Taken Against Medical Marijuana Delivery Services | Cannabis Culture Magazine #California: Aggressive #Police Actions Taken Against Medical #Marijuana Delivery Services http://bit.ly/ighnXD #MMJ #cannabis #warondrugs (tags: Marijuana Police California MMJ cannabis tweeted warondrugs) BBC News – Cyber-sabotage and espionage top 2011 security fears Cyber-sabotage and #espionage top 2011 #security fears http://bbc.in/hO5wtK #technology #wikileaks [...]
Alter says WH infighting thwarted focus on jobs, and Bill Clinton is miffed at WH
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I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day…..My Arse.
Maybe it was the seven-hour flight delay. Maybe it was arriving back from the sun to a country totally paralyzed by snow, a country that has survived the Germans and terrorists yet is paralyzed by a bit of white fluffy stuff. It could have been the fact that because there is snow on the roads [...]

(2010/12/14) The Bad Deal Part 1 (Tax Compromise)
Edition #438 The Bad Deal Part 1 Act 1: Democracil – Jimmy Dore Show Song 1: Take Me Down – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Act 2: Baseless, Obama press conference – Rachel Maddow Song 2: Billionaire – Billionaire Act 3: Something for everyone – Counterspin Song 3: M79 – Vampire Weekend Act 4: Thom talks to WH spokeman on tax compromise – Thom Hartmann Song 4: Greensleeves – The Most Relaxing Classical Music in the Universe Act 5: WH adviser on how they negotiate – Jimmy Dore Show Song 5: Curl Up and Die – The Bird and the Bee Sides Act 6: Obama is a dangerous joke – Young Turks Song 6: Santa Baby – Santa Baby – Single Act 7: CT phone home – Daily Show Song 7: Standing Still – Standing Still – Single Act 8: Comment on Obama tax compromise – Countdown Song 8: Lord’s Bright Blessing – Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol Act 9: Obama is taken hostage – Le Show Song 9: Hostage-O – Life’ll Kill Ya Act 10: Going from power to irrelevance – Rachel Maddow Bonus iPhone/iPod Touch App Content: National Displeasure – Daily Show Sources: Jimmy Dore Show Rachel Maddow Counterspin Thom Hartmann The Young Turks The Daily Show Countdown Le Show Produced By: Jay! Thanks for listening! Check out the Best of the Left iPhone/iPod Touch App in the App Store! Visit us at www.BestOfTheLeft.com Contact me directly at Jay@BestOfTheLeft.com Vote for us and leave comments at Podcast Alley or Review the show on iTunes.
Why the NYT and Drudge are Having Conniptions about Black Bloggers
I read some of the comments on the New York Times blog post:  White House Online Summit for African-American bloggers, but a commenter named Mike Green of Portland, OR does a real good job in calling out what’s really going on, especially re: the NYT Media Decoder’s subtext: You buried the lede. In any other publication [...]
In Defense of Black Bloggers Having A Relationship With the White House
There’s a lot of titillated buzz today over a recent White House-led summit of black online media and black bloggers. You may have seen this NY Times Media Decoder blog post or the link to it from the top fold of the dreaded Drudge Report. They’re referring to this video from YBF which also got [...]
Reliance on government at all time levels…
The slave mentality is “my master takes somewhat decent care of me, why bother tossing the yoke off if I’m mostly content, fat and have teevee.” From the comments: Welcome to US fast becoming United SOCIALIST America led by narcissistic …
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links for 2010-10-13
YouTube – 9News's Channel RT @dp_thespot: WATCH LIVE: Denver Post/9News gubernatorial debate between Tom Tancredo, John Hickenlooper and Dan Maes in… http://fb. … End of 'don't ask don't tell' would bring US military in line with NATO allies – CSMonitor.com End of 'don't ask don't tell' would bring US military in line with NATO allies [...]
links for 2010-10-11
Open Left:: Sure you've got a Nobel Prize, but are you QUALIFIED??? RT @openleft: Sure you've got a Nobel Prize, but are you QUALIFIED??? http://ow.ly/19oP3X Make a Donation Now! RT @MotherJones: Tea party favorite Sharron Angle wants the press to "to ask the questions we want to answer." Um, no thanks. http://moj … Robert Reich: [...]
links for 2010-10-11
Robert Reich: Why Democrats Should Not Join in Economic Scapegoating Robert Reich: Why Democrats Should Not Join in Economic Scapegoating http://t.co/NCR5PjQ The BRAD BLOG : Iranian, Chinese Computers Also Discovered to Have Been Hacking D.C. Internet Voting System RT @TheBradBlog: D.C. Councilwoman "YOU changed password" of Int'net Vote system? UofMI hacker: "Yeah, so Iran, China [...]
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