Blogging Ethics

So, the FTC is all hot and bothered about bloggers promoting things on their sites.

You might say, “Oh, the whole PayPerPost deal – I don’t do that, so it does not matter to me.”

FAIL – Do you have ANY affiliate links on your blog or site? Then the FTC wants that disclosed:

But it’s not too small to escape the attention of the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC, which is prepping new guidelines about the kinds of disclosures bloggers should make when they endorse a product on their site, also wants bloggers to give readers a heads-up when they use affiliate links.

Thank goodness we have the government to look over our shoulders and make sure we don’t do something stupid, like buy something from Amazon based on a possibly biased blog post. Because I know that everyone buys stuff based on uneducated opinions from people they don’t know.