El Teide – Overlooked by Americans

Teide as seen from the northImage via WikipediaSituated off the western coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are a unique travel destination often ignored by most American tourists. A curious location for an island that is governed by Spain, it is a major destination for Europeans venturing into the tropical waters to enjoy scuba diving. The islands were originally known as Insula Canaria – Latin for “Island of the Dogs.” Tenerife or “Teneriffe” is the largest of the Canary Islands and the main destination for most tourists.

The island Tenerife is also the location of the El Teide volcano – which is the highest point in all of Spain. Teide – also known as Pico del Teide – has not erupted since 1909 and is situated in a national park accessable by bus that runs once a day. There is a small hotel in the park, but for a day trip you can ride the cable car up to the summit. Finding flights to Tenerife is not difficult and can be quite inexpensive – especially considering the year-round tropical climate.