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Zopa USA Launches

Zopa just launched its US operation this week. I set up an account over there and will be trying for another P2P loan.

Looking for cheap flights? Then look no further than cheapoair. CheapoAir has the lowest prices on airfare to almost anywhere you would want to go. Looking to go to Las Vegas? Flights from LA starting at just $100. How about Chicago? From Denver it starts at only $118. And there’s so many other cities you [...]

Ringtones for All Sorts of Tastes

Is your old ringtone boring? Sick of that annoying polyphonic beeping that splits your skull every time somebody needs to talk to you? Just looking to get some good ringtones on your new phone? Then look no further. Custom Addict has all the Sprint Ringtones that you could possibly want. Make all of your friends [...]

iContact Enterprise Email Marketing

Does your company send between one hundred thousand and ten million emails a month? If so, you may need a more efficient solution. With an easy to use interface, industry leading inbox service, and advanced features including an autoresponder tool, RSS feeds, blogging capabilities, list segmentation, and design templates, Enterprise Email Marketing service is a [...]

Peer to Peer Loans – 0 for 2

I struck out with Prosper this morning on a loan to replace an AC unit (not a problem now, it is a wonderful 70 degrees today!). On a recommendation, I took a look at the LendingClub. Well, the LendingClub hardly let me in the door. They pretty much took a cursory look [...]

Custom Quote Database for Life Insurance Quotes

Automation is a wonderful thing – increased productivity is the lubricant for the American economy. Information about anything and everything is now more accessible than it has ever been. Information on pricing, like life insurance quotes, has been a huge boon to the consumer. Think about what it was like 20-30 years [...]


Well, LendingClub is the new guy on the block for peer to peer lending. I went over and tried to apply for a loan there, but got the following message:

We’re sorry, but based on your credit score, loan amount, Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratio, and/or your state’s maximum borrowing rate, we are unable to list your [...]

Prosper Loan – 14 Percent Funded – 11 hours to go

Some good action on the Prosper loan. Several people have offered up some cash to help fund the loan for my air conditioner and have pushed the loan to about 14 percent funded with only eleven hours to go.
Okay – for those big lenders at Prosper – let me remind you about the Double [...]

Prosper Loan Update

Groan. No new action on my air conditioning loan.Well, I still am hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. The good news is that the temperature has finally dropped below 80 during the days as we progress into the Fall season. That is great, then I can chill out and wait [...]

Complete Phone System for the Small Business Owner

No matter how many multi-national conglomerate corporations appear around the world, those in the know understand that it is the small business owner that truly drives the economies of the world. For instance, in the US small businesses increased employment over 44,000 from July to August of this year – when in the same [...]