Condor Options: Iron Condor Options Newsletter

It has been a long time since I last traded options – in fact, I think it was in the last century! My favorite contract was the OEX and I never tried any option spread trading – it was always on my list of “to look at in the future,” but I never got around to researching the strategies. I happened upon a service that attempts to make about 10% per month trading Iron Condors. What is an Iron Condor? Yeah – that was my first reaction also – I originally had an image of a warehouse of miniature bird statues made out of iron. Without going into the details, it is a fancy name for a particular options spread trading strategy. Fancy, indeed.

Condor Options has a web based newsletter to help you generate 10% returns every month, consistently, using iron condors. In addition to the paid service, they have an excellent options trading blog that is updated on a very regular basis. The Iron Condor strategy is well thought out and documented. It isn’t as if most investors couldn’t do the research themselves, but Condor Options makes it easy and convenient. Their performance is not a secret – take a look at these numbers. What is even more interesting is that they restrict the number of subscribers and have a waiting list for new subscribers.