Fairfax Housing Prices – Late April 2008

Just two short weeks ago I pulled my house price estimates from Zillow and Cyberhomes:

As of April 7th
Cyberhomes Estimate: $385,517
Zillow Estimate: $408,500

Here is the update:

Estimate: $382,992
Estimate Range: $344,693 – $440,441
Change over 3 weeks = $2,525 decrease
Last Updated: 4/20/2008

Zestimate: $404,500
30-day change: -$6,500
Value Range: $364,050 – $420,680
Last updated: 04/21/2008

Well, that is interesting. Both are still showing a move to the downside for the value of my house. The “losses” seems to have slowed down, but I would not be surprised to see a volatile snap back in prices in the coming weeks. The weather still isn’t 100% “springy” here in Fairfax, even though the calendar says that we are certainly well into the Spring season.

I will keep updating as Zillow and Cyberhomes update their valuations.