Phoenix New Media Limited (FENG) goes positive by breaking intraday moving average 2013/01/18 16:46

The intraday price for Phoenix New Media Limited has moved above its 200 period 30 minute moving average of 3.55. FENG is near 3.58 bucks now. The general trend in FENG has been down recently.

Presently, it is below the near-term support price of $3.61.

Other stocks to watch – these are correlated with Phoenix New Media Limited:

Guoco Group (GULRY) with a correlation of 97.8%

HOWDEN JOINERY GROUP PLC ORD GBP0.10 (HWDN) with a correlation of 97.66%

3-Month Euribor {Sep 09} (IMU09) with a correlation of 97.63%

S&P Preferred Stock Index (SSRF) with a correlation of 98.32%

Russell 1000 Value {Dec 10} (VVZ10) with a correlation of 97.79%