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(We are experimenting with integrating the Twitter streams into DeepMarket for all stocks)

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I am the last person on earth to:

- Own a cell phone
- Embrace the usage of elevators
- Use Twitter

Yes, I am a Neo-Luddite; however, I can recognize an interesting new source of market information. Twitter is the exhibitionists dream toy – the hyper blog or fluid MySpace where people message early and often. Not unlike radio signals going off into the atmosphere with no particular destination, Twitter messages either have receivers (people who subscribe to someones’ message feed) or they go off into the ether to fade into oblivion.

Twitter has given a voice to the masses we don’t generally listen to and as part of these noisy communications might (maybe might) be some signal. This is where StockTwits steps in and tries to extract some signal about stocks from the Twitter feeds.

StockTwits – Real Investors. Real Ideas. Real time.

I still don’t have a Twitter account, so I cannot sign up for StockTwits, but they publish the extracted information in a public forum. For instance, you can do a search for a stock like Apple Computer or Google and find out what people are saying on Twitter about the stocks. That is pretty cool. Hmmm… It might be fun to do some Message to Stock price performance correlation. Twitter user X said something about GOOG at 9:15 and 4 hours later it was down 4%. Oh, dang – now StockTwits is going to take that golden idea and make a cool $million with it!

So, that is what I can see outside, without an account. If you have a Twitter account, then you can log into StockTwits, which gives you:

Log into the site with your Twitter details and you will be presented with a user interface filled with comments and stats showing the top ticker buzz, the top StockTwit talkers, and the top gainers and losers.

One great feature is the ability to add stocks and save them to your own portfolio and limit the conversation around it to your most trusted sources. Watch the whole stream or create your own filters. Another cool feature is the way the site aggregates ‘buzz’ and discussion around individual stocks. No other financial site on the web does that. And it does it real-time because of the Twitter integration.

I am a little less interested in using Twitter and the public interface is interesting enough for me to go back and take a look at what is being said about stocks via Twitter at StockTwits – I don’t need an account. To make it easier for others to see how interesting this “new” flow of information (signal to noise ratio is still to be determined), I have put a link at the top of all the DeepMarket stock pages that takes you directly to the corresponding stock page at StockTwits – which allows you to compare AAPLs to AAPLs.

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