Ultrashort Smallcap600 (SDD) goes negative by breaking below intraday moving average 2012/11/21 16:38

The intraday price for Ultrashort Smallcap600 has moved below its 200 period 30 minute moving average of 29.49. SDD is around 29.32 bucks now. Ultrashort Smallcap600 has a positive trend.

The price is above the trend line, which is about $28.06.

Other stocks to watch – these have a positive correlation with Ultrashort Smallcap600:

Ultrashort Russell 2000 Growth (SKK) with a correlation of 97.18%

SLM Corp. 6.97% Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Series A (SLM1A) with a correlation of 96.68%

The Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD.PR.Y) with a correlation of 96.65%

Ultrashort Russell 2000 (TWM) with a correlation of 96.85%

Direxion Small Cap Bear 3X Shares (TZA) with a correlation of 96.48%

For the math geeks and quants – the most recent Slope: 1.43 Intercept: 28.06 close: 29.32