Inner8 – More Social Stock Picking

Inner8 launched a semi-closed beta last week. Luckily, I found an early access invite code for Inner8 and signed up.

Only Inner8 brings together high-performing investors and provides them with advanced analytic tools to deliver the next generation of investment advice.

The social stock picking field is interesting from one perspective, but I have never really gotten into it on a regular basis. The concept is – individual investors are independent gauges and guessers of the markets and stocks. Bring these masses together and leverage the wisdom of crowds to better determine good places to invest your monies. Oddly enough, this is what the Stock Market does.

Okay, that is a broad brush of the social aspect of Inner8 – let’s get a little specific. I am still not clear on the name – Inner8 – but I think that is the name of the most trusted advisers that you follow in the stock picking community – your inner circle of stock pickers. Is it limited to eight? I don’t see anything that says one way or the other.

All the stuff – charts, data, social connectivity – feels great. Everything has the modern Web 2.0 feel – required for social stock picking I think. I am still playing with it, but I don’t see anything that is a major difference. Yes, there are improvements on basic concepts, but nothing earth shattering. However, that is what is so great about a free market – new products get developed and either outlive their competition, are gobbled up by their competition or disappear – perhaps leaving their competition with some neat new ideas.

Inner8 is free – as they say: “Zip. Zero. Nada. Your membership is absolutely free.” I don’t have any invites to hand out to people, but if I get any I will be sure to let everyone know. You can apply for a beta membership, but I don’t know how long it will take before they get back to you.

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