Advanced Persistent Threat Protection for Dummies (SPECIAL EDITION)

Well-funded adversaries have a wealth of tools and techniques available to obtain your information, and increase their wealth at your expense. Unlike the “script kiddies” of the past, these new adversaries represent a real threat to the confidentiality and integrity of your information.

Advanced Persistent Threat Protection for Dummies (SPECIAL EDITION) is a must-read all levels of security expertise as, no matter the size of your organization, your information is under attack. Topics covered include:

  • Discovering what advanced persistent threats are all about
  • Perusing the methods used to stop APTs
  • Looking into Seculert’s APT protection architecture
  • Enabling Business in the Shadow of APT protection
  • Ten ways Seculert helps reduce APTs

Download the eBook now and discover how Advanced Persistent Threat protection solutions work, and how your organization can get the upper hand against adversaries who are targeting you right now – and will be soon. 

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