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‘Close More Deals with Less Effort’ – EchoSign Webinar: December 15, 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET) See how E-signatures can be your secret weapon in closing your deals faster and improving your sales performance.

(VERY) Unofficial Guide To Facebook Privacy, The To fully understand the privacy of Facebook and how it’s likely to evolve, you need to understand one thing…Facebook executives want everyone to be public.

10 Mistakes when Buying a Business Phone System Why learn things the hard way? Here are 10 mistakes to avoid when buying your business phone system.

10 Questions to Ask Your Hosted IP PBX Provider This informative best practices will help you understand the crucial questions and the information you need to understand before you buy.

10 Steps to an Enterprise Mobility Strategy Regain control of your enterprise mobility strategy with these ten steps.

10 Tips And Techniques For More Effective Presentations Breaking the mold and standing out from the crowd.

11 Habits for Highly Successful BPM Programs; Proven Steps for Getting Started with Process Improvement Explore proven steps for getting started with process improvement.

12 Hiring Manager Secrets to Getting the IT Job You Want Learn how you can make yourself a more attractive candidate now with PrepLogic’s free 12 Hiring Manager Secrets to Getting the Job You Want.

12 Key Points to Consider When Selecting a Network Scanning Solution Discover the 12 key points your company should consider before you evaluate and select a vulnerability assessment solution.

1Z0-040 Oracle Database 10G New Features for Administrators Practice Exam Oracle 9i administrators can certify on Oracle 10G by passing this exam. The ExamForce 1Z0-040 Oracle Database 10G New Features for Administrators practice exam provides their unique triple testing mode to instantly set a baseline of your knowledge and focus your study where you need it most.

2010 IP Phone Comparison Guide Save time researching business phones with this free IP Phone Comparison Guide.

2010 SMB Phone Systems Comparison Guide Learn how to put the power of hosted VoIP to work for your SMB.

2010-2011 Field Service Industry Trends Report Survey Report Shows Great Opportunity for Innovation.

27 Tips for Getting Started in IT Discover everything you need to get started in technology.

3 Tips for Every Start-Up or Entrepreneurial Venture Considering Google Apps When you’re focused on building the next of power ultra-fast, low latency cloud networks, you don’t have time to worry about your email server going down.

42 Rules for Growing Enterprise Marketing, sales, and business development executives face constant pressure to boost revenue. This book is a brainstorming tool meant to provoke discussion and creativity within executive teams who are looking to boost their top line numbers.

42 Rules of Cold Calling Executives Understand the dynamics of a cold call and how you can manage those to get results.

42 Rules of Marketing The concept of the 42 rules is that almost anything in life can be summarized into 42 distinct ideas that capture the essence of the topic.

42 Rules of Social Media 42 Rules of Social Media for Small Business’ is the modern survival guide to effective social media communications and the answer to the question, “what do I do with social media?”

5 Second MBA, The Discover the Basis of Any MBA Program Boiled Down Into Humorous Graph-Puzzles/”Gruzzles”.

5 Simple Ways to Get More Out of Google Apps Learn how CIO Jeremy Lawrence saved money for his organization, The Mind Research Network, by switching from hosted Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps.

5 Steps to a White Paper that Pulls in the Perfect Prospect — Free 25 Page eBook This e-book is a must-read for those who want to take their white papers and lead generation to the next level.

5 Ways to Persuade your Target Audiences Learn how Marketing Professionals are using BluePrinting technology with positive results.

6 Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Business Phone System Discover the reasons why you may need to upgrade your current phone system.

7 Essential Steps to Achieve, Measure and Prove Optimal Security Risk Reduction Learn essential aspects of putting into place a measurable and sustainable vulnerability management program.

70-680 Windows 7 Configuring Exam Prep Special Edition ExamForce’s Windows 7, Configuring CramMaster will prepare you to pass the Microsoft 70-680 exam. CramMaster 70-680 practice exam provides their unique triple testing mode to instantly set a baseline of your knowledge and focus your study where you need it most.

8 Steps to Holistic Database Security SQL injection attacks, insider threats and regulations are driving organizations to find new ways to secure sensitive data stored in databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase and MySQL.

8 Surefire Strategies for Monetizing Your B2B Website Discover how to maximize your revenue potential by utilizing the traffic you already have.

A Complete Beginner’s Manual for Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) is a comprehensive beginners guide for the Ubuntu operating system; it features comprehensive guides, How Tos and information on anything you need to know after first installing Ubuntu.

A Computer Geek’s Smart Productivity Guide In this free twenty-paged PDF, you will find out the most common productivity mistakes, as well as a number of applications to improve your touch typing, your time organization, and your global workflow.

A Fresh Look at SAP’s Software as a Service (SAAS) Solution After a year of silence surrounding SAP’s newest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, SAP Business ByDesign is back.

A Marketer’s Quick Reference Guide for Content Distribution and Marketing Programs Explore quick tips and best practices that will help you produce necessary components to ensure success for your online programs.

A New Anti-virus Platform that Reduces Bloat and High Resource Usage Read this report to learn the results from small and midsized consultants and corporate SMBs on the current state of the virus, spyware, and malware landscape and their issues with traditional security packages.

A Newbie’s Getting Started Guide to Linux Learn the basics of the Linux operating systems. Get to know what it is all about, and familiarize yourself with the practical side. Basically, if you’re a complete Linux newbie and looking for a quick and easy guide to get you started this is it.

ABA Banking Journal Covers the commercial banking industry in the United States, focusing on a wide variety of banking technologies and solutions.

Aberdeen ERP in Manufacturing 2010: Measuring Business Benefit and Time to Value Assessing, evaluating, or upgrading ERP Systems? Learn the process, organization and technology strategies that boost business benefits and reduce time to value.

Accelerate Insight for Financial Services: Reduce Risk. Stop Fraud. Increase Profits. Learn how the ParAccel Analytic Database (PADB) provides the performance and operational agility required by the financial services industry, enabling rapid analysis of data from an unlimited number of sources, and with deep historical context.

Accelerate Medical Device Sales with Interactive Marketing Solutions Learn how successful marketers in the medical device space develop key, unique, benefits and hands-on experiences for each person involved in the purchasing process.

Accelerate your Website Performance Learn how to improve the performance of your website and minimize the associated costs, complexities, and management challenges.

Accelrys Biological Registration: Mastering Biological R&D at Its Roots In this IDC Health Insights white paper, learn how you can have the ability to effectively manage the large and complex research portfolios that are becoming increasingly difficult at large life science companies, a trend exacerbated by technology advances like high-throughput screening and further complicated by mergers and acquisitions. Ideal for Heads of Research IT and R&D Managers within Life Science companies.

Accountants World Daily Newsletter Provides a large collection of relevant news stories that are sourced from over 2,000 different publications daily.

Accounting Today Has served as the premier news vehicle for the tax and accounting community.

AccountingWEB Daily News Provides accounting news, information, tips, tools, resources and insight — everything you need to help you prosper and enjoy the accounting profession even more!

Achieve Fuel Distribution Excellence in the Oil & Gas Industry Learn how the SAP for Oil & Gas solution portfolio provides functionality that gives fuel marketers and distributors visibility into their distribution network, integrates customer information, and automates processes to improve efficiency, forecast accuracy, and adaptability.

Achieving Compliant Manufacturing Excellence through Real-time Performance Management and Continuous Improvement Compliance management, integration, and data utilization are key issues to address in order to improve responsiveness and performance.

Achieving Operational Excellence in Wholesale Distribution: Poised for Recovery? Read this report to uncover how top performing ERP implementations allowed leading distributors to drive double digit cost reductions and improvements in schedule and efficiency.

Achieving Rapid Data Recovery for IBM AIX Environments Read how EchoStream for AIX leverages CDP technology to support instantaneous recoveries from disk, resulting in minimal data loss and rapid recovery all while not imposing any downtime on production applications.

Acing the Interview: How to Ask and Answer the Questions That Will Get You the Job! – Free Book Summary Know in ten minutes what takes others hours to learn, and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Adhesives & Sealants Industry Is edited for manufacturers, formulators, and end users of adhesives and sealants, pressure sensitives, and other adhesive/sealant products.

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide An in-depth exploration of the art of shell scripting.

AdvisorOne Daily Wire Brings you all the news you need to stay on top of the investment industry in one concise format, including market updates, regulatory and company news, the best in portfolio construction, wealth management, retirement plans and career advice.

Agent’s Sales Journal Providing insurance brokers & agents with useful techniques to enhance their sales efforts.

Aggregates Manager Has been published since 1996 and covers the full range of information needs for aggregates professionals.

Alignment-Focused Organization: Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Execution, The Explore how businesses can implement best practices using strategy management software.

Alineamiento Estratégico Este documento discute la necesidad de una mejor previsión y planificación integrada del negocio – para mejorar la calidad de la orientación futura y rendimiento esperado.

all about eMail eNewsletter Is an information packed eNewsletter that delivers winning strategies, tips, news and expert views on how to best create, implement and deploy email campaigns for marketing, customer service and other purposes.

American Agent & Broker Is Your Source for Agency Success.

American Laboratory Serves as the leading editorial tabloid for the life science research community with over 20 years of successful publications.

American Spa Is dedicated to providing timely, must-read information to more than 28,000 spa owners, managers, and skincare professionals.

An HP StorageWorks-Enabled Solution: Affordable End-to-End Storage for Mid-sized Organizations This report presents the results of hands-on testing and a cost of ownership analysis of an HP StorageWorks – enabled solution for medium-size organizations.

An Introduction to IBM System i (iSeries) High Availability Solutions Get to know the core components of HA solutions and important installation considerations.

Aplicaciones Oracle CRM on Demand: Opciones para la visión comercial y respuesta al cliente Este documento analiza los beneficios que las organizaciones pueden obtener al desplegar aplicaciones CRM on Demand dentro de la función de ventas.

appliance DESIGN Is devoted to providing solutions for design and engineering teams in the global, commercial, and medical appliance/durable goods industry.

Application Grid Approach to a Modern Data Center, The Learn how Oracle application grid products, including Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Coherence, can help with a cloud implementation or in making the data center greener and more efficient by drastically reducing data center sprawl and driving down operational costs.

Applied Clinical Trials Provides a forum where pharmaceutical product developers can communicate with the medical researchers who test their new products.

Archery Business® Covers the business side of bowhunting and archery: trade news, industry statistics, marketing and product trends, new product R&D, tips for better business management and effective retailing.

Are Your Sales Reps Missing Important Sales Opportunities Learn how Sybase Mobile Solutions for SAP can increase sales productivity and bring the advantages of business mobility to your organization.

Art & Science of JavaScript – Free 100 Page Preview!, The For intermediate JavaScript developers who want to take their JavaScript skills to the next level without sacrificing web accessibility or best practice.

Art of Engagement: Bridging the Gap Between People and Possibilities – Free Book Summary, The Know in ten minutes what takes others hours to learn, and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Art of the Start – The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything – Free Book Summary, The Know in ten minutes what takes others hours to learn, and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Asia Electronics Industry Delivers reviews of hot technologies affecting the electronics industry in Asian countries as well as how these companies are improving productivity and quality.

ASP.NET 2.0 Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks – Free 156 Page Preview, The Learn the most practical features and best approaches for ASP.NET.

Assembly Is edited to serve manufacturing professionals responsible for engineering and managing product assembly operations throughout the Original Equipment Market.

Assessing the Business Value of Symantec Enterprise Vault™ Learn how Symantec’s archiving solution is being used today to reduce email storage costs, improve workforce productivity, and better organize unstructured content for legal holds and record retention purposes.

Automate Your Telephone Customer Service With Interactive Voice Response Systems Your business’ interactive voice response system is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Automate Your Time and Attendance System to Save Money and Reduce Human Error See how to stop the ‘profit leak’ flowing from your manual payroll processes.

Availability and the Cloud Discover how Cloud computing can offer IT a powerful alternative for efficient application, infrastructure and platform delivery.

Aviation Week & Space Technology EXCLUSIVE OFFER: 4 Issues of Aviation Week & Space Technology – Risk Free!

Avionics Intelligence Provides global viewers with highlights about the latest developments in avionics for commercial and defense applications.

Awesome Automation Guide for Macs, The This guide will be especially useful for Mac users who work several hours per day at their computers and constantly launch applications, click menu buttons, and save, locate, rename files and folders.

B2B Sales Lead Success Checklist Turn B2B leads into sales! Is your company doing all the right things to make this happen?

Backup and Recovery for Oracle Databases with the Snapshot Feature of Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems This paper shows the methodologies to be followed for performing backup and recovery operation of Oracle databases using the snapshot, clone, and rollback features.

Backup and Recovery Performance and Best Practices for Exadata Cell and the Sun Oracle Database Machine The Sun Oracle Database Machine is an easy to deploy, out-of-the-box solution for hosting the Oracle Database and delivers the highest levels of performance available.

Baje costos de TI con Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Usted descubrirá cómo las nuevas opciones y características de Oracle Database 11g Release 2 pueden ayudarle a reducir los costos de servidores y de almacenamiento, mejorar el rendimiento de consultas de computo, y garantizar una disponibilidad durante las actualizaciones de aplicaciones de bases de datos.

Baking & Snack Is edited primarily for production managers, research and development directors, engineers, and plant and company manufacturing executives in wholesale baking and snack manufacturing.

Balancing the Quality and Cost of Online Video Adding video to your website improves audience engagement, but how do you make it profitable? Discover the cost and quality advantages of outsourcing content delivery to a qualified CDN partner.

Base de datos y servidor de almacenamiento Exadata de Sun Oracle Este documento examina cómo el servidor de almacenamiento Exadata de Sun Oracle permite a las empresas acelerar el rendimiento de bases de datos, manejar cambios y el crecimiento de una forma escalable y progresiva, y proveer disponibilidad y protección de datos de misión crítica.

Baseline The Fusion of Business and Technology.

Bash Guide for Beginners Everybody working on a UNIX or UNIX-like system who wants to make life easier on themselves, power users and sysadmins alike, can benefit from reading this book.

Beating Back Counterfeiters Online: Seven Best Practices Find out how to choke off online counterfeit sales by addressing both the criminals’ promotional efforts and their distribution channels.

Before You Hire: Complete Guide To Checking Your Employees This guide will help you better understand the importance of background checks or employment screenings. YOU WILL RECEIVE FREE PRICE QUOTES FROM MULTIPLE BACKGROUND CHECK COMPANIES BY PHONE/EMAIL.

Beginner’s Guide to Joomla, The An Introduction to an Award-Winning Content Management System (CMS).

Benefits of AIX Data Replication in HACMP Clusters, The Learn How to Protect the Data as Well as the Server with Real-Time Data Replication.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Company’s HR Outsourcing human resources is a practical, effective option for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve. This guide will help you better understand the many benefits of outsourcing your HR while providing you with FREE PRICE QUOTES FROM MULTIPLE HR Outsourcing providers BY PHONE/EMAIL.

Benefits Selling Provides tools and sales tips for brokers and agents selling group and/or voluntary benefits.

Best Practices for Access Certification Is your company using best practices to certify user access is in accordance with policy?

Best Practices for Adding Self-Service Kiosks to your Store Learn how implementing self-service kiosks in your grocery store can reduce costs, improve sales and boost customer loyalty.

Best Practices in Creating a Strategic Finance Function Many CFOs and the finance organizations they lead have started to take on new strategic roles within the enterprise.

Best Practices in Global Logistics As a result of global sourcing, transportation management is becoming a more strategic business function at companies where it has not traditionally been a core competency.

Best’s Review Contains insightful, award-winning news coverage of the worldwide insurance industry–giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about your business and career.

BestWeek Asia/Pacific Insurance Newsletter Delivers the latest insurance news from the Asia/Pacific delivered straight to your inbox every week from A.M. Best Company, a worldwide rating and information agency with more than 100 years of experience covering the insurance industry.

Better Answers Through Better Questions Learn what differentiates SAP BusinessObjects Explorer from BI tools you may be using now.

Better Roads Serves the information needs of governments and construction contractors involved in Federal, State, County, City and Township highway, road and bridge construction, winter maintenance, roadside and vegetation management and other highway-related projects.

Beverage Industry Covers the entire beverage marketplace reaching beverage producers, distributors and retailers.

Beverage World Serves beverage marketers, producers and distributors with the news, insight, innovation and analysis they need to better their businesses.

BI for the SMB 2010: Unlocking Hidden Business Insight to Drive Profit Access Your Complimentary Copy Today. This Offer (a $399 Value) Expires 12/31/2010.

BI funciona para mi Webcast Este webcasts de tres partes se centra en cómo la inteligencia de negocios puede ayudar a una empresa a tomar mejores decisiones.

Big Picture, The Provides real-world solutions to today’s design and production challenges. This monthly publication reports on digital printing of visual communications with coverage of digital printing from image capture and processing to finishing and display.

Big Shift to Cloud-based Security, The Keeping IT systems secure and running within regulatory compliance mandates, especially for mid-sized and even small businesses, seems next to impossible. There are many reasons for this — but fortunately, several recent technological trends show that it doesn’t have to be this way.

BillingOSS Is the world’s leading international telecom magazine focused exclusively on OSS/BSS, billing, CRM, customer experience as well as revenue & services assurance sectors.

Biometrics Boosts ROI of Time and Attendance Systems Learn how biometric technologies can leverage your investment in an automated workforce management system.

BioOptics World Magazine Focuses on the design, development, and utilization of optical technologies for the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and disease processes.

BioPharm International Serves as the voice of an experienced mentor to the biopharmaceutical community.

Bioscience Technology Serves life science/biotech researchers searching for technology, tools and techniques to conduct better, more cost-efficient and effective research.

BizBash Is the fastest growing source for fresh event and meeting news, inspirational ideas and event marketing strategy.

Blackboard at the University of Kentucky Learn valuable tips and tricks for the successful deployment and optimization of Blackboard and other applications using F5.

BlogNotions Affiliates Newsletter: Monthly eNewsletter Featuring Blogs from Industry Experts Receive the BlogNotions monthly email series and stay up-to-date on the latest in the affiliate marketing space with insight from the web’s most respected super affiliates.

BlogNotions Business Intelligence Newsletter: Monthly eNewsletter Featuring Blogs from Industry Experts Receive the BlogNotions monthly email series and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the business intelligence world with insight from the web’s most respected BI bloggers.

BlogNotions Developers Newsletter: Monthly eNewsletter Featuring Blogs from Industry Experts Receive the BlogNotions monthly email series and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in software development with insights and opinions from the web’s most respected industry bloggers.

BlogNotions Energy Newsletter: Monthly eNewsletter Featuring Blogs from Industry Experts Receive the BlogNotions monthly email series and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the energy and power industry with insights and opinions from the web’s most respected energy bloggers.

BlogNotions Finance Newsletter: Monthly eNewsletter Featuring Blogs from Industry Experts Receive the BlogNotions monthly email series and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the financial world with insight from the web’s most respected bloggers.

BlogNotions HR Newsletter: Monthly eNewsletter Featuring Blogs from Industry Experts Receive the BlogNotions monthly email series and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in human resources and employment with insight from the web’s most respected HR bloggers.

BlogNotions Life Sciences Newsletter: Monthly eNewsletter Featuring Blogs from Industry Experts Receive the BlogNotions monthly email series and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the life sciences space with insights and opinions from the web’s most respected industry bloggers.

BlogNotions Marketers Newsletter: Monthly eNewsletter Featuring Blogs from Industry Experts Receive the BlogNotions monthly email series and stay up-to-date on the latest in the B2B marketing space with insight from the web’s most respected marketing bloggers.

BlogNotions Social Media Newsletter: Monthly eNewsletter Featuring Blogs from Industry Experts Receive the BlogNotions monthly email series and stay up-to-date on the latest developments in social media with insights and opinions from the web’s most respected industry bloggers.

Bloomberg Businessweek Explains firsthand how some of the most influential leaders in business reached the top of their game!

Book Business Provides strategic solutions for top book publishing executives in business management, digital publishing, manufacturing, production/workflow, marketing, distribution and fulfillment.

Boost CDN Performance, Boost your Business Maximise the value of your online content – and your business – with a next-generation approach to content delivery. Faster and smarter, the Limelight Networks XD Platform boasts performance gains of up to 236%.

boutique DESIGN Is the authority on the boutique hotel, spa and restaurant market.

Brewing in China Facilitates technology transfer by providing readers, in bilingual English and Simplified Chinese, the latest developments in brewing processing and packaging technologies, trends and industry developments throughout China and Asia, with practical solutions for improving productivity, reducing cost, and turning innovations into real competitive advantages.

Bringing VoIP to the SMB: How to Save Money on a Business VoIP System This comprehensive and authoritative eBook will walk you through all the pros and cons of a Business VoIP System so that you can make the most informed decision for your business. And to get you started, you will also receive complimentary, no obligation price quotes (via phone and/or email) from multiple reputable Business VoIP System vendors.

Bringing Your Medical and Scientific Devices to Life Learn why medical device and scientific instrument manufacturers are exploiting 3D Interactive Technology for their marketing and sales.

Broadband Properties Is the leading source of information on digital and broadband technologies for buildings and communities.

Broadcast Engineering Is written for television engineers, technical managers, company managers and those involved in production at TV stations and networks, production facilities, cable, satellite, and telecom industries. It’s editorial mission is to provide accurate, trusted coverage of the technology serving those industries.

Broadcast Engineering World Edition Provides accurate, trusted coverage of video, broadcast, production, telecom, and cable technology.

BtoB Magazine Delivers timely editorial on all disciplines of business – to – business marketing.

Build a Smarter IT Infrastructure for Your School Learn how F5 goes beyond the basics to support your 24/7, 365 days-a-year campus.

Build Your Own ASP.NET 3.5 Web Site Using C# & VB, 3rd Edition – Free 219 Page Preview! This comprehensive step-by-step guide will help get your database-driven ASP.NET web site up and running in no time.

Build Your Own WordPress Site Guide Everyone has a place on the web nowadays, whether you’re a construction professional, an auctioning vegan, or just someone who wants to be heard. And MakeUseOf’s not talking about Twitter accounts and Facebook profiles, but rather about fully-fledged websites. Tomorrow, you could have yours!

Building a Smarter IT Infrastructure for Local Government Learn how to deliver fast and available online government services with greater efficiency.

Building Customer Confidence through Positive Site Experience Customer experience is a critical component of Continental’s corporate DNA. See how Tealeaf helps the airline build trust and loyalty.

Building Full IT Infrastructure Protection: How Midsize Firms Can Rise to the Challenge This Executive Brief is designed to help technology decision makers look at their technology environments comprehensively to ensure that they are coordinating security and storage resources in a way that provides the optimal coverage necessary to support effective company operations moving forward.

Business Imperative for Holistic Carbon Management, The This Aberdeen Analyst Insight Report highlights the changing business landscape due to the growing importance of carbon management.

Business Insurance Is the trusted voice of the commercial insurance marketplace.


Business Leader as Talent Leader, The Access Your Complimentary Copy Today. This Offer (a $399 Value) Expires 12/31/2010.

Business Phone Systems That Just Works Better – Reduce Your Costs and Get More with 8X8! Learn how you can receive the 1st month of service FREE with 8×8 Small Business Phone Solutions.

Business Solutions Helping VARs increase profits by integrating complementary technology.

Business Travel News Is the leading news source for corporate travel managers.

Business VoIP Comparison Guide Looking for Business VoIP? Compare leading VoIP phone systems.

BUSRide The most trusted resource in the bus and motorcoach industry for more than 40 years.

Buyer’s Checklist: Hosted PBX Service Plans This informative checklist will help you understand the crucial questions and the information you need to understand before you buy.

CabinetMaker+FDM Is published to serve both the commercial and residential markets.

Cabling & Wiring Installation Made Simple For Your Business Your business’ cabling and wiring is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Call Centers Are The Right Call For Any Size Business How to Find a Quality Company that will Grow Your Business. Some call centers have a bad reputation – how to choose the right one? You will also receive multiple free price quotes from reputable Call Center providers by phone/email.

Candy Industry Covers the global confectionery chocolate and sweet snacks marketplace.

CAP Today Brings monthly business and medical news in the clinical laboratory.

Capturing Untapped Revenue Learn how customer experience insights improve remarketing and customer revenue recovery.

Casino Journal Offers real-world solutions to changes facing casino resort operators in the fast-paced age of new technologies, competition and heightened customer expectations.

CE Pro (Custom Electronics Professionals) Helps dealers and installers stay current on products, understand technology and run profitable businesses.

CED Is the premier broadband technology magazine helping broadband professionals understand emerging technologies and the supporting businesses that surround them.

Ceramic Industry Is the exclusive global voice of ceramic manufacturing, promoting the interests, growth and progress of the ceramic, glass and brick industries.

CFO Takes the latest financial thinking and shows how it is being implemented in the country’s most innovative organizations.

Chain Drug Review Has firmly established itself as the premier source for timely industry news and in-depth product category analyses.

Changing the Game: Customer Analytics in Insurance Growth and profitability in the insurance business means delivering the right products and services to your customers at the right time and at the right price.

ChannelPro Is the only industry magazine committed to providing targeted business and technology insights for IT channel professionals — integrators, developers, white-box builders, solution providers and VARS serving Small- and Medium Size Businesses (SMB).

Charting a New Course in Effective Distribution Supply Chain Management Learn how Supply Chain Management can help your organization regain control of their operations and match their investment with their demand levels to ensure profitability.

Chem.Info Provides news of products and technology solutions for the global chemical processing and manufacturing industries.

Chemical Supply Chain Management – Improving Warehouse Productivity World-class supply chain management is the backbone of safe, profitable chemical manufacturing.

Chief Learning Officer Focuses on solutions for enterprise productivity in the enterprise learning market.

Chief Marketer Was formulated as a new, multi-disciplined approach to helping busy marketing executives thrive in today’s ever changing, ever challenging marketing environment. It’s written for senior marketing executives that are seeking fresh approaches to advertising, direct marketing, events, research, PR and promotional marketing.

Chief Marketer Report, The Is a weekly eNewsletter written for senior marketing executives that are seeking fresh approaches to advertising, direct marketing, events, research, PR and promotional marketing.

Choosing the Right Mobile Device for the Healthcare Industry from a Sea of Handhelds Start with the right device and end up with increased quality of care and productivity you didn’t even know existed.

Choosing the Right Security Solution: Moving Beyond SSL to Establish Trust Learn how online businesses can instill trust and confidence in their web sites, protect valuable brands, and safeguard customers’ sensitive information.

CIO Insight Best Practices for IT Business Leaders.

CioIndex Newsletter Over 15,000 CIOs and other IT Executives use CioIndex to Learn, Network and Share.

CircuiTree Is the world’s best source of information for the printed circuit board industry.

Cisco Reputation Filtering: Providing New Levels of Network Security Today’s sophisticated, blended threats can exploit three or four different communications vehicles before they launch full-scale attacks on unprepared enterprise networks.

Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities for Business Find out what your company needs to do to maximize opportunities and limit risks in response to current and future energy emissions policies.

Clinical Laboratory International Is the leading clinical lab magazine internationally and is crammed with information of direct relevance to everyone working in clinical and blood bank laboratories.

Cloud Computing – Latest Buzzword or a Glimpse of the Future? Learn how Cloud Computing frees up budget for companies hand-cuffed by IT expenses.

Clustering Database Applications to Lower IT Cost Reorganizing for efficiency, performance and high availability.

CM/Cleanfax® Delivers relevant, informative and useful content to carpet-cleaning and disaster-restoration professionals.

CM/Cleaning & Maintenance Management® Delivers relevant, informative and useful content to all segments of the cleaning and maintenance industry.

Commercial Carrier Journal Provides complete business solutions for trucking professionals, responsible for running trucking companies, operating fleets or maintaining equipment.

Compare the Leading Unified Communications Vendors Unified Communications is now proving to be the ONE investment from which companies are seeing real cost-efficiency and improved employee productivity.

Compare the Top 17 Enterprise ERP Solutions – 2010 Focus Comparison Guide Understand the landscape, evaluate the offerings

Comparison Guide to the best Color Copier system Your business’ color copier is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Comparison Guide to Time & Attendance Systems Your time & attendance system is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Comparison Guide: Enterprise VoIP PBX Leave a lasting positive impression with your customers! For many businesses the contact center is where your customers will connect and interact most frequently with your company.

Competitive Advantages for Food Manufacturers Simply register for an immediate download of the Food Manufacturing eKit which includes case studies from leading food companies Johnsonville Sausage, C&H Sugar, Stubb’s Legendary Kitchen, and the Aberdeen’s Sector Insight, Think Your Company is Too Small for ERP? Think Again.

Complete Guide to choosing the best office furniture system BuyerZone will teach you what to look for as you’re cubicle shopping and help you choose a systems furniture vendor, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Complete Guide to Outsourcing Your HR Functions, The Outsourcing your HR needs is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Complete Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), The Discover why Search Engine Optimization is one of the fastest growing advertising strategies in online marketing. With this guide, you’ll learn how SEO can work for your business and bring your web presence to the number one spot for top engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Request this free guide and receive price quotes from pre-screened and quality SEO companies.

Compliance and Traceability in Manufacturing Compliance and Traceability in Manufacturing has traditionally been viewed as “cost of business” but this perception is changing as automation and integration gains traction across industries.

CompressorTech Two Covers the application, design, operation and maintenance of engineered gas compression systems and system components.

Computer Products Is your essential guide to successful sourcing from China & Asia.

Computing Is the UK’s leading business technology publication. It plays a vital role in keeping its readers up-to-date with the trends and issues that will inform their decisions on how to use technology for the benefit of their organisations.

Conhecimento: O Caminho Crítico Para Gerar Diferencial Competitivo Nas Empresas Em Crescimento Insights são importantes para qualquer organização.

Connect and Empower Mobile Salespeople Learn how salespeople on the road can be more effective, better manage customer relationships, and close more deals.

Construction Distribution Is the contractor supplier’s source for sales, management, and product information.

Contract Pharma Provides the essential mix of industry news, technical features and association event coverage they need to stay on top of this competitive industry.

Contracting Business Is the leading business-to-business magazine for commercial, residential, and industrial contractors in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industries.

Contractor Has been the news magazine of mechanical contracting, concentrating its industry coverage exclusively on plumbing, hydronic/radiant heating, fire protection and mechanical piping systems.

Corporate Adviser Is the only magazine targeted at financial intermediaries distributing a broad range of employee benefits products through the workplace.

Corporate Foreign Exchange: Tools to Establish an Effective International Payments Program Learn how to identify your needs and establish your own payments program through this informative On-Demand Webinar.

CPA Technology Advisor, The Dedicated to providing practicing public accountants with the knowledge they need to make informed technology decisions.

Create a Smarter Storage Strategy Discover how building a smarter storage infrastructure based on the business value of data can enable you to address your data storage requirements efficiently and at the lowest cost.

Creating Consumer Confidence: The Secret Ingredient of Internet Success Learn 10 techniques to establish trust and credibility on your web site.

Creating Superior Customer Value with Operational Intelligence Explore a timely discussion about how companies can supply frontline workers – service agents, sales reps, marketers – with information for smart decisions.

Critical Need for Email Archiving, The Learn how Google Message Discovery can help organizations remain secure, compliant, and responsive to email retrieval requests.

Critical Path to Competitive Differentiation for Growing Companies, The Insight, the ability to clearly see a situation at face value, is best achieved by combining real-world experience and analytics.

CRN Prides itself on having the highest journalistic integrity and in being the number one, high-quality weekly newspaper for the channel sector.

Customer Intimacy Imperative, The Business success today requires a new depth of customer insight. The right blend of customer-centric strategies and advanced analytic tools delivers it.

CustomRetailer Is a business strategy magazine for the residential A/V and automation integration electronics professional.

Cybersecurity Report on Small Business: Study Shows Gap between Needs and Actions Small businesses rely heavily on the Internet to routinely handle confidential and proprietary data. Read this survey findings report to learn how to protect your business from the latest security threats.

Data Center Physical Infrastructure: Optimizing Business Value Learn how to optimize DCPI to improve its business value.

Database Trends and Applications Is the journal of information integration and management. DBTA provides timely features and expert columns on the development, execution and supervision of plans, policies, programs and practices that control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of data and information assets.

Day in the Life of the Traveler Turn your travelers into brand advocates.

DC Velocity Serves the Supply Chain field focusing solely and specifically on large Distribution Center operations.

Dealerscope Gives their retail readers the knowledge they need to make the right decisions in the fast-moving consumer technology market.

Debatching Bulk Data – Free 33 Page Chapter A free sample chapter from Packt Enterprise’s book: Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform.

Decoding Deduplication: Guidelines, Technology Selection, and Implementation By eliminating redundant or duplicate data, deduplication technologies are helping organizations to reduce storage requirements, shrink the window required to back up data, and minimize demands on network bandwidth.

Deduplication Calculator Every day, organizations worldwide are reducing storage and management costs with Symantec’s Backup Exec deduplication technology.

Defense Systems Provides the most comprehensive, integrated coverage of defense information technology, C4ISR and net-centric warfare.

Define Success in the Field by Choosing the Right Handheld Device for Mobile Healthcare Workers Get clear on the competitive differentiation offered by devices designed for doing business.

Definitive Guide to Automated Competitive Price Comparison, The Get smarter about competitor and supplier pricing to build a competitive and strategic advantage. Understand the critical elements to choosing the right solution for your business needs.

Delivering More Benefits with Advanced Virtualization Features For most IT departments, increasing the use of server virtualization is a strategic imperative as they seek to alleviate the affects of the tough economic climate.

Delivering Revenue Through Thought Leadership It’s amazing how much credibility is generated by a book, both for the author and for the content. Read the Who, What How, When, Where and Why of on-demand book publishing.

Demostración de CRM On Demand en Flash Vea la última Demostración de ventas de CRM On Demand en Flash.

Design-2-Part Magazine Specializes in helping OEM’s take their product from design to part.

Die Leistungsfähigkeit des CDN steigern und damit Ihr Unternehmen Ihren Unternehmenserfolg optimieren Maximieren Sie den Wert Ihrer Inhalte – und damit Ihres Unternehmens – mit einem äußerst innovativen Konzept für die Bereitstellung von Inhalten. Die XD Plattform von Limelight Networks ist schneller und intelligenter, sie ermöglicht Leistungssteigerungen um bis zu 236%.

Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide Is the Marine & Stationary Power Authority, covering the markets, products, technology and industry news of the large piston engine and gas turbine industries.

Diesel Progress International Edition Products, Technology & Industry News For All The Engine-Powered Equipment and Component Markets.

Diesel Progress North American Edition Products, Technology & Industry News For All The Engine-Powered Equipment and Component Markets.

Digital Signage Today News Alert Is a twice-weekly news briefing on the top digital signage industry news and trends.

Direct Listline Is a daily eNewsletter on the lists and data driving successful direct marketing campaigns.

Direct Newsline Is the must-read eNewsletter that lets direct marketers respond to emerging opportunities fast.

Discovery Accelerator 8 Effective Searching Receive valuable guidance for creating and running searches in the Symantec Discovery Accelerator application.

DNSSEC Is a Reality for Hardware Manufacturers New Forrester Research study reveals how network hardware manufacturers plan to adopt DNSSEC.

DNSSEC Is a Reality for Software Developers New Forrester Research study reveals how Internet application developers plan to adopt DNSSEC.

DNSSEC: The Antidote to DNS Cache Poisoning and Other DNS Attacks Learn how Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) can add security to DNS while maintaining the backward compatibility needed to scale with the Internet as a whole.

Do You Know Where Your Assets Are? Maximizing ROI With RFID Asset Management Learn how RFID can reduce costs and drive profits to the bottom line.

Don’t Leave Your Business at Risk — Small Business Protection Guide Discover best practices for protecting your business data. The time is right for a clear assessment of your risks and address them.

Drive Marketing ROI in the Cloud with Microsoft® Dynamics CRM Online Microsoft® Dynamics CRM Online provides end-to-end management of marketing programs, from data acquisition and segmentation, to campaign management and analysis of responses and activities, to tracking campaign opportunity Return on Investment (ROI).

Drive Site Redesign Success The Keys to Preventing Costly Site Failures and Achieving the ROI You Expect.

Driving Profitability in Turbulent Times with Agile Planning and Forecasting: The View from Manufacturing The new economic reality is causing finance organizations within manufacturing companies to turn its attention inward, focusing on the elements of profitability the company can control more directly: reducing costs and managing performance.

Driving Superior Business Results with Performance Insights As a professional services firm, do you struggle with strategic plans that lack analytic rigor?

Driving Value Learn how PepsiCo’s Transportation Experts Save Costs and Create a New Revenue Stream.

Drug Discovery & Development In the race to develop new drug products, researchers and managers want informative, objective content in a functional format that is easy to access and read.

E&P (Hart’s E&P) Is the World’s Leading Exploration and Production Publication.

E-Mail Essentials Is a weekly eNewsletter (Tuesdays) that offers keen perspective on what counts and what works in email metrics and campaigns right now.

e-Signatures 101 – What You Need to Know for Success Find out how contract signature automation (e-Signatures) can decrease “close cycles” by 500%, allowing your organization to improve forecasts and the customer experience.

Easy Guide To Computer Networks, The Included are step-by-step guides on how to set up different kinds of networks, how to use them to share internet, files and printers with others. Learn how to secure your connection and location, and how to access private networks.

eBook eBook: How to Turn Your Expertise into Magnetic Marketing Material, The Everybody’s talking about eBooks. Wouldn’t it be nice to find an efficient, effective way to write them? To create the kind of compelling, credibility-building content that customers, influencers and prospects seek, share and read? Look no further. The eBook eBook is here and available for free.

ECN Is THE source for electronic OEM design and development engineers and engineering managers for new products, components and systems.

EE Times Europe Provides the creators of technology in Europe with News, Analysis, Product and Design Information in a wide range of media formats.

Effective Executive -The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done – Free Book Summary, The Know in ten minutes what takes others hours to learn, and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Efficiently Manage Your Electronic Files With Document Management Software Your business’ document management software is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Egg Industry Is published 12 times annually covering the egg industry, worldwide.

EHS Today The magazine for environment, health and safety leaders!

El factor visibilidad: forma en que las pyme pueden utilizar los datos para tomar mejores decisiones Para producir el tipo de inteligencia de negocios que impulsen un mejor desempeño, las empresas pequeñas y medianas empresas necesitan un enfoque estratégico – y una solución viable de TI para obtener mayor visibilidad de su información.

Electric Light & Power Is the authoritative source of electric & gas industry business news for electric and gas utility executives and management.

Electrical Contractor Is published monthly by the National Electrical Contractors Association and serves the field of electrical contracting industry.

Electronic Components Is your essential guide to successful sourcing from China & Asia.

Electronic Design Serves the technical information needs of electronic engineers and engineering managers responsible for the design and development of EOEM products and systems.

Electronic Design Europe Is the authority on emerging technologies for Design Solutions bringing the latest advances, products, & application information for electronic engineers & managers.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Solutions: How Incentives and Efficiencies Are Driving Increased Use Learn how the proper planning and assessment of IT infrastructure will help you maximize the myriad benefits an EMR solution can bring to your organization.

Electronic Products Reports on important developments in products and product technology. Its editorial serves as a key information source for electronic engineers and managers who are creating, designing and redefining the future of technology.

Electronic Signatures: A Strategic Way to Shrink the Sales Cycle and Improve Operational Efficiency (Aberdeen Report 2010) Optimizing Lead to Win Strategies.

Electronics Is your essential guide to successful sourcing from China & Asia.

Elevate Your E.R.P. Game: 5 Best Practices to Build an Intelligent Company Improve your company’s Business Intelligence Quotient (BIQ) and make your data actionable.

Eliminate the Paper Chase Across Your Campus Discover how the University of Virginia successfully evolved its original document management project into an innovative, campus-wide ECM strategy.

Eliminate your paper records using a Document Imaging System Your business’ document imaging system is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Eliminating Paperwork Is More Than Just Efficient Learn how field service organizations can eliminate manual reporting, enable real time communication for scheduling updates and workorder status and improve service levels.

Email Archive Check This tool helps you evaluate and understand your need for Mailbox Archiving.

Energy Savings from Synchronous Belt Drives V-Belt Drive to Synchronous Belt Drive Conversions Saved Reichhold, Inc. $34,000 per Year.

Engaged Investor Is the only magazine dedicated to Pension fund trustees, covering the issues that affect trustees and helping them understand complex investment and governance related issues in a jargon free way.

Engineered Systems Provides smart, sustainable solutions for mechanical engineering projects. Whether it’s a renovation or new construction, ES delivers new ideas to help your commercial, institutional, industrial, and government buildings achieve LEED and Energy Star certification. Written by engineers for engineers.

Engineering News-Record Provides the news, analysis, commentary and data that construction industry professionals need to do their jobs more effectively.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Scorecard Five key features your solution must have to maximize the benefits of ECM.

Enterprise Goes Mobile, The Benefits of mobile media for sales communication, distance learning, and innovative marketing.

Enterprise Goes Mobile, The Benefits of mobile media for sales communication, distance learning and innovative marketing.

Enterprise PBX Buyer’s Guide This FREE checklist is the perfect to-do list for IT and Operations to accurately evaluate and plan a UC (Unified Communications) implementation across the enterprise.

Enterprise Risk Management: Keeping People, Assets, and the Environment Safe Find out why operational risk management is a rising priority for monitoring disparate and disconnected efforts in safety, environmental compliance, and asset use to provide better enterprisewide control and management accountability.

Enterprise Unified Communications This comprehensive buyer’s checklist will help you ask the right questions of potential vendors and providers of call center solutions.

Environmental Design + Construction Is the premier source for integrated high-performance building, is dedicated to efficient and sustainable design and construction.

EP&T – Electronic Products and Technology Is Canada’s leading provider of technical product information for electronic designers, engineers and buyers.

EQ For nearly 20 years, EQ has been a key resource for recording aficionados – from musicians to full-fledged audio pros.

Equipment World Is a publication for construction contractors, equipment manufacturers, dealers and providers of services and supplies to the construction industry.

ERP Advancements Continue in 2010: Business Intelligence Focus Complex needs can be addressed with comprehensive solutions, including Business Intelligence. Get up to speed on the latest in ERP for enterprise businesses with Focus Research.

ERP under the Microscope: Why now is the best time to replace your ERP system Much has changed in the ERP landscape in recent years so it is critical to understand what the current capabilities are and how they can help your business.

ERP/BI Connection: Adding Value through Actionable Intelligence, The Learn how to make your disparate data sources meaningful with Business Intelligence.

essential kitchen & bathroom business Welcome to the essential kitchen & bathroom business magazine, providing an exciting combination of hard-hitting news and cutting-edge design targeted at kitchen, bathroom and bedroom retailers, manufacturers, designers and new-build specifiers.

Ethanol Producer Is the ethanol industry’s leading trade publication. Each month, they bring you the latest industry news, plant profiles, personal profiles and much more.

European Medical Device Technology Is the only trade journal designed exclusively for manufacturers of finished medical products. Written by leading experts in their fields, European Medical Device Technology‘s peer-reviewed articles cover a wide range of technical and regulatory topics.

Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong! – Free 37 Page Preview! For web designers and developers who want to ensure they’re using the very latest, best-practice CSS techniques.

eWeek Is the industry leader for strategic technology information, delivers breaking news, technology evaluations and strategic analysis covering the technologies, platforms and trends important to enterprise-wide computing.

Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression Explore this new technical white paper on Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression (EHCC) that explains what Exadata compression is and how it works.

ExamForce IT Certification Study Guide Bundle Practice Exams and study guides go hand in hand, and ExamForce produces some of the highest quality reference material available. ExamForce’s certified instructors craft these study guides so they follow each exam’s specific and recommended objection categories to ensure that you’ve got what you need come exam day.

Excelencia en la gestión de conducción, paso a paso Este documento informativo explica una “estrategia marco para el éxito” que consiste de seis procesos de gestión relacionados entre sí y que cada uno proporciona una clave de salida del negocio. Estos procesos proporcionan la inteligencia y la información necesaria para gestionar una empresa de excelencia y llevan a las organizaciones a ser más inteligentes, más ágiles y mejor alineadas.

Explode 6 Direct Marketing Myths Maximize campaign effectiveness with analytic technology.

Explore the Million-Dollar Impact in AP at Bentall Find out how you can cut costs, boost efficiency and streamline workflow with Enterprise Content Management.

F5 Virtualization Guide: Seven Key Challenges You Can’t Ignore Optimize Your Virtual Network and Storage. Maximize Your Virtualization Investment.

Familia de productos Oracle Database 11g Lea este documento para obtener una visión general de la familia de productos de base de datos Oracle y aprender cómo puede transformar su negocio, sus presupuestos y sus niveles de servicio con Oracle Database 11g Release 2.

Fast and Fit Security and Data Protection for SMBs Learn how Symantec can get your infrastructure secured and data protected…FIT today!

Federal Computer Week Focuses on the business value of technology in government.

Feed International Is a business journal for people involved in the feed industry internationally.

Feed Management Is published monthly to present in-depth coverage of feed production technology and animal nutrition.

Field Service Automation — Increase Customer Satisfaction, Cut Costs and Boost Revenue See how you can reinvent your field service operations with cutting edge solutions that will help you save time and money while increasing customer satisfaction and revenue.

Fierce Broadband Wireless Is an easy to read, twice weekly email service that brings senior wireless industry executives the latest news on broadband wireless technologies and deployments.

Fierce Government IT Is a free, three times a week email briefing for government employees and contractors on the latest government technology news.

Fierce Health Finance Is a weekly healthcare finance email news briefing for healthcare executives and financial managers.

Fierce Medical Devices Is a free, easy to read weekly email newsletter covering the latest medical device and diagnostics industry news.

Fierce Wireless: Europe Is an easy to read twice-weekly email service that brings must-read European wireless industry news to senior European mobile industry executives.

FierceBiotech Is a free, easy to read daily email service that brings must read biotechnology news to senior executives in the biotech industry.

FierceBiotech IT Is a free, easy to read weekly email service that brings must read biotech IT news to senior biotech, pharma, and IT executives.

FierceIPTV Is an easy to read weekly email service that brings must read IPTV news and developments to senior communication industry executives.

FiercePracticeManagement Is a free, easy to read weekly email newsletter covering the latest physician practice management news.

FierceTelecom Is an easy to read daily email service covering the latest news, trends, and technologies driving the telecom industry.

File Services Governance – Modernization and Cost Reduction of File Transfer This white paper looks at what can be done to put file transfer under ‘control’ without needing to make changes to the existing file transfers, whilst at the same reducing costs.

Financial Advisor Is the publication dedicated exclusively to serving independent advisors, from the most experienced and respected publishing team in the industry.

Find out how to access the cash from your receivables If your company’s outstanding invoices total an entire month’s revenues or more, you may want to use commercial factoring for your accounts receivable, getting you the funds quickly, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business while a third party collects the owed money. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know ABOUT FACTORING, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Finding a Low Cost Point Of Sale (POS) System for Your Business This guide will explain the tips and tricks to finding the right POS System for your needs, whether it’s keeping track of inventory, streamlining order processing, or providing detailed cost reports.You will also receive multiple free price quotes by phone/email from reputable POS system companies.

Finding the top Digital Copier System for your business Your business’ digital copier is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Fishing for Leads with White Papers: Where to Drop Your White Paper Line Discover some effective ways to leverage your white papers to generate qualified leads.

Five B2B MarCom Strategies to Increase Sales Now – Free eBook YouTube. Twitter. Blogs. Podcasts. White Papers. Search. Direct Mail. Trade shows. Webinars. Networking. TV commercials. Prints ads. LinkedIn. Facebook. Digg.

Five Considerations for Your Mobile Media Strategy Save time and money by using these valuable tips for planning an effective mobile strategy.

Five Considerations for Your Mobile Media Strategy Save time and money using these valuable tips for planning an effective mobile strategy.

Five Steps Toward Disaster Preparedness This paper discusses how a disaster can create the loss of or lack of access to data, applications, and work facilities and how it can be prevented.

Flight Training Is the most targeted, most accurate and most useful source of information on learning to fly that you can find.

Flow Control Serves process, manufacturing and engineering industries with the primary end products and services in Food & Beverage Products; Paper, Pulp & Printing Products; Misc..

Folio Is a multi-channel source, using print, online and face-to-face delivery to bring actionable information to the publishing community.

Food & Beverage Supply Chain Management – Improving Warehouse Productivity World-class supply chain management is the backbone of safe, profitable food and beverage manufacturing.

Food Arts Provides top-of-the market professionals with cutting edge information from the food and beverage industry.

Food Business News Is the merger of business and food science. It provides timely news, market updates and analysis for the food processing industry.

Food Engineering Is written exclusively for the manufacturing team in the food and beverage process industry.

Food Manufacturing Presents news on the latest operational and technological advancements for the food and beverage processing market’s key plant operation managers, engineers and corporate personnel.

Food Manufacturing Journal – Middle East With nearly 90% of Middle East states fully dependent on food imports, tremendous opportunity exists for food importers, packagers and manufacturers of food processing machinery.

FoodPacific Health & Nutrition Technology Facilitates technology transfer by providing the latest developments in Asia’s health and nutrition industry from ingredients and processing technologies to packaging, safety and regulatory issues with practical solutions for improving productivity, reducing cost, and turning innovations into real competitive advantages.

FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal Facilitates technology transfer by providing readers the latest information and technologies on food & beverage ingredients, processing and packaging, food safety and regulatory issues, with practical solutions for improving productivity, reducing cost, and turning innovations into real competitive advantages.

FoodService Director Reports on the news, issues, ideas and trends that are impacting the non-commercial foodservice operations in today’s fast-changing economy.

Four Secrets to Innovating with Packaged Applications Evolving application integration strategies using four patterns of SOA.

Free Guide on Understanding and Selecting the Right Payroll Services Vendor Processing payroll in a timely and accurate manner is essential for any company. Because of the complexities involved in monitoring and maintaining salary, benefit and tax information, many small businesses choose to outsource their payroll accounting to qualified specialists. This Free Guide will help answer all your questions, plus you get instantly matched with qualified Payroll Services vendors to receive custom, no obligation quotes.

Free Guide: Business VoIP Feature & Vendor Comparison VoIP based phone system offers a simpler infrastructure, lower costs, and enhanced features for businesses. But how do you decide if you want your PBX VoIP system hosted by the vendor, or at your location? This Free Guide will help answer all your questions, plus you get instantly matched with qualified hosted and/or premise VoIP vendors to receive custom, no obligation quotes.

Fund Strategy Is a weekly magazine for top end investment specialists including investment advisers, fund of fund managers and discretionary wealth managers.

Fundraising Success Provides valuable information and strategies to help you fulfill your mission.

Future Proofing Mobile Computers Learn how the features you select now can protect & extend your investment years into the future.

Garbage In, Garbage Out: Getting Good Data Out of Your BI Systems Get quality results from quality data with the right BI strategy.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for User Provisioning Looking for access provisioning, governance and compliance solutions? This is the document you need to read.

Gas Hauler Drives Efficiency with Mobile Printers & PCs Discover How Mobile Technology Saved One Chicago Transportation Company Nearly $3,500 Per Week.

Gates V-Belts: Engineered for Performance Not All Belts Are Created Equal.

Gear Solutions Presents a level playing field on which any company or organization from large to small can contribute its expertise, through a variety of formats.

Gear Up for Success: 8 Steps to Get Sales & Marketing Cranking in Unison — Free 27 Page eBook Without alignment between sales and marketing, organizations can’t operate at their full potential.

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Is the only high-frequency publication dedicated to biotech news, from bench to business, and was introduced in 1981 as the first biotechnology trade publication. Now in its 27th year, GEN retains its position as the most widely read biotechnology publication around the globe.

Gestion de Aplicaciones Compuestas: Llenar el vacio de la visibilidad de TI en las aplicaciones compuestas y complejas A manera que mas organizaciones de TI desplieguen plataformas de middleware de varios niveles y marcos para la prestación de servicios de aplicaciones de negocios críticos, estas organizaciones esperan cosechar los siguientes beneficios de la arquitectura orientada a servicios (SOA): agilidad, flexibilidad, productividad, y extensibilidad.

Get Ready for the Data Explosion and Take Control of Your Information With Enterprise Vault 9.0 With the universe of digital information expanding at an alarming rate, there is significant pressure for IT professionals like you to implement better ways of safeguarding your organization’s information and simplify its management while reducing storage costs as well as legal and compliance risk.

Getting Quick Cash for Your Business Without the Hassles of a Loan With finances tight and loans hard to come by, there are other ways to get financing. This guide will explain the tips and tricks to find the right business cash advance company that will fit your needs. You will also receive free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple pre-screened and quality vendors.

Global Finance Has been providing monthly news and analysis since 1987 about companies and financial institutions that do business around the world.

Global Pensions With a combination of round table discussions, regular supplements and conferences added to its editorial strength, Global Pensions truly offers a unique forum for discussion for those involved in advising and managing the world’s largest pensions schemes.

Global Reinsurance Is the leading brand for the international insurance and reinsurance industry, with editorial based on expert knowledge of the sector and the issues that influence it. From underwriters to chief executives and actuaries to financial directors, key stakeholders and decision makers in the global reinsurance and reinsurance community turn to Global Reinsurance to inform their business thinking and decisions.

Global Trends In Sustainability Performance Management Corporate sustainability reporting has shifted from voluntary to vital.

GNU/Linux Advanced Administration, The The GNU/Linux systems have reached an important level of maturity, allowing to integrate them in almost any kind of work environment, from a desktop PC to the sever facilities of a big company.

Going Concern Going Concern is an online tabloid covering the worlds of accounting and business finance, providing original news and insider analysis of the culture, people, and firms that shape the industry.

GOLFDOM Is a magazine of solutions and opinions for golf course superintendents, owners and managers of daily fee, public, semi-private, private, resort, state, and city courses.

Goodbye Payroll Headaches, Hello Payroll Outsourcing Payroll can be costly. This guide will explain the tips and tricks to find the right Payroll Service Company for your needs, whether it’s balancing employee hours, employee taxes, or providing detailed cost reports. You will also receive multiple free price quotes from reputable Payroll Service providers by phone/email.

Google Message Continuity Complete email continuity and disaster recovery solution in one package.

Google Story – Free Book Summary, The Know in ten minutes what takes others hours to learn, and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Google Website Optimizer Essential Training – Free Video Training Tutorials In Google Website Optimizer Essential Training, David Booth shows how to use Website Optimizer, Google’s free tool for conversion optimization.

Governing Is a monthly magazine whose primary audience is state and local government officials: governors, legislators, mayors, city managers, council members and other elected, appointed and career officials.

Government Computer News Is the technology authority for government. It focuses on how to buy, build and manage the technologies that run government agencies and operations.

Government Product News Is the comprehensive product resource for public-sector employees.

Government Technology Provides top government executives with the applied knowledge and tailored solutions they need to shape the future of their agencies and departments.

Government Technology’s Public CIO Provides thought leadership on policies, strategies and best practices to intergovernmental c-level public sector IT executives and their peers.

Group Tour Magazine Is the magazine group travel professionals look to for information and inspiration. You will find the greatest destinations, attractions, restaurants and lodging that cater to group travel in the U.S. and Canada!

Grow Your Business by Building Consumer Trust Learn to establish a strong online relationship with your customer that is built on trust by bolstering security and authenticating your site.

Haciendo realidad la estrategia Hacer realidad la estrategia mediante el despliegue efectivo de sistemas de optimización del desempeño empresarial ha dejado de ser una capacidad que "sería bueno tener&34;.

Hassle-free Guide to Obtaining a Small Business Loan This guide will explain the different types of small business loans, how you should prepare, and the tips and tricks to help you succeed. You will also receive free rates (via phone and email) from small business loan providers, however, you must have some sort of collateral to qualify ($75K in retirement funds).

Health Facilities Management Is the nation’s leading and most trusted magazine for those passionate about designing, building and maintaining safe, efficient and sustainable health care environments.

Healthcare Purchasing News Is the only business news magazine for purchasing decision-makers at hospitals, multi-hospital systems, integrated networks and alternate-site locations.

Healthcare Traveler Is the only magazine dedicated to mobile healthcare professionals. Practitioners can master life on the road, enhance their professional development, and connect with staffing companies and hospitals for career opportunities.

HealthLeaders Provides a monthly look at the issues and trends that are shaping the business of healthcare today.

Helping Utilities Fulfill FERC and NERC Requirements Wondering how you can keep up with the ever-increasing number and complexity of utilities regulations?

High-Tech and Telecom Customer Service and Support: Knowledge Management is NOT an Add-on! This paper for high-tech customer service professionals explores the advantages of a truly knowledge-centered support initiative.

HispanicBusiness Delivers the most essential and up-to-date coverage of the issues facing the Hispanic enterprise market. Its focus is the businessmen and women, corporate executives, and professionals who are seizing the opportunities and meeting the challenges of the vibrant and vital U.S. Hispanic marketplace.

HME News Presents Business News for Home Medical Equipment Providers.

Home Products Is your essential guide to successful sourcing from China & Asia.

Hospitality Style Covers the whole spectrum – all within a high-impact, beautiful design format that does this creative industry justice. Join them: The future of hospitality design starts with Hospitality Style.

Hospitals & Health Networks Provides hospital and health care business executives with direction, perspective and information essential to their life’s work.

Hosted or Premise VoIP PBX? Free Guide on Making the Right Choice + no obligation quotes from reputable vendors VoIP based phone system offers a simpler infrastructure, lower costs, and enhanced features for businesses. But how do you decide if you want your PBX VoIP system hosted by the vendor, or at your location?

How Archiving Reduces the Cost and Complexity of ‘Reactive’ eDiscovery Explore the benefits an archive can provide in the initial phases of the electronic discovery process.

How Automated Workforce Management Systems Helps Reduce Labor Costs Learn how eliminating common payroll errors and oversights, reducing unauthorized overtime expenses, and providing comprehensive reporting on labor dollars can save your business time and money.

How Best-in-Class Plan, Budget and Forecast in Today’s Dynamic World At the start of 2010, prospects for the global economy remain precarious. But highly effective financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting can successfully enable decision making even in periods of unprecedented change.

How Different Is Life with an Enterprise Digital Assistant for Mobile Healthcare Workers? Read about the device designed to empower mobile healthcare workers to act on real-time information.

How Do You Evaluate Which On-Demand CRM Solution Is Right for You? Learn the six important factors to consider when evaluating on-demand CRM solutions, download the free white paper.

How Employee Leasing Can Help Save Your Business a Bundle Your business’ HR system is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

How Marketers Can Recoup Millions: 10 Best Practices for Preventing Online Brand Scams Learn how you can stop scammers from robbing your brand.

How Payroll Services Save You Time+Money Your payroll service solutions are a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

How Ruggedness Reduces TCO for Mobile Computers Many factors determine the TCO of mobile computers, but none are more important than longevity and reliability.

How Scientific Business Intelligence Can Drive Top Line Innovation Growth Improve scientific data management across the global R&D enterprise to improve R&D productivity. Ideal for Scientists, R&D Managers and Executives in the scientific community.

How Telemarketing Can Help Grow Your Business This guide walks you through the pros and cons of telemarketers and how to find the right fit for your business, as well as what to pay, what to say, and who to call. You will also receive multiple free price quotes from reputable Telemarketing providers by phone/email.

How to Boost Your Company’s Sales with Marketing This step-by-step guide will help you create a successful business-to-business “marketing for leads” program.

How To Choose The Best Hosted Phone System For Your SMB A hosted VoIP system, or “virtual PBX,” works by having a provider company “host” the equipment (such as a phone cabinet and routing software) at its own data center, and connect calls to your office using a high-speed Internet connection or a T-1 phone line. This guide will answer all your questions on choosing the right phone system for your business while providing you with FREE PRICE QUOTES FROM MULTIPLE Phone System providers BY PHONE/EMAIL.

How To Choose The Best Phone System For Your Business Your business phone system is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

How To Convert Patient Charts and Records With Electronic Medical Records System Your business’ electronic medical records system is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

How to Create a Customer-Focus Mindset and Drive Business Growth Focusing on the customer experience is critical to the success of any business. This guide will walk you through customer-focused solutions and provide tips for building long-term loyalty and profitability.

How to Cut Expense by Choosing the Right Copier Find a low cost copier for your business needs and you will also receive multiple free price quotes from reputable Office Copier providers by phone/email.

How to Ensure EMR Can Co-Exist in Your Doctor’s Office/Clinic Learn how a few smart steps in planning your EMR implementation will go a long way in helping you maximize cost-saving benefits without disrupting your office’s workflow.

How to Grow Your Business Using Online Marketing This guide will introduce the basics, including the most effective strategies for pay-per-click ads, search engine optimization, email marketing and social media campaigns. YOU WILL RECEIVE FREE PRICE QUOTES FROM MULTIPLE ONLINE MARKETING VENDORS BY PHONE/EMAIL.

How to Lower Your Credit Card Processing Fees This guide will explain the tips and tricks to find the right credit card processing firm for your needs. You will also receive free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple pre-screened and quality vendors.

How to Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out Your display is the “first impression” that many potential customers will have of your company –as the saying goes, you only get one chance to make sure this initial impression is a positive one. This guide will help you choose the best trade show display for your business while providing you with FREE PRICE QUOTES FROM MULTIPLE Trade Show Display providers BY PHONE/EMAIL.

How to Save Money by Re-evaluating your Business Conferencing Solutions In this Buyer’s Guide, explore ways in which a rethink and evaluation of your business conferencing solutions can lead to much greater gains. Learn how to choose the best business conferencing software and services for your business and you will also receive free customized, no obligation, Business Conferencing price quotes and see how it would benefit your business.

How to stand out and become an effective trade show exhibitor BuyerZone will help you understand the various types of trade show booths and how much you should expect to spend, as well as provide some tips on how to be a more successful trade show exhibitor and walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

HP ProLiant G7 Platforms Based on the AMD Opteron™ 6100 Series Processors for High Performance Computing Explore the new architectural features and performance of the AMD Opteron™ 6100 Series processor based HP ProLiant G7 Servers. It focuses on the value to the end user when applied to High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions.

HPAC Engineering The magazine of mechanical systems engineering, is a forum for peer-to-peer communication among engineering professionals in the buildings and construction industries.

HR in the UK: More Than Hiring and Firing Keep your UK organization in top form by going paperless.

HR Magazine Is the world’s leading HR resource, offering perceptive, in-depth information to HR professionals for over 50 years.

HRW Provides comprehensive coverage of the Hydroelectric Industry Worldwide.

HTML5 First Look – Free Video Training Tutorials In HTML5 First Look, author James Williamson introduces the newest HTML specification, providing a high-level overview of HTML5 in its current state, how it differs from HTML4, the current level of support in various browsers and mobile devices, and how the specification might evolve in the future.

Human Resource Executive If you qualify, you’ll receive a free, 15 issue trial subscription to Human Resource Executive, the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR.

HVACR Business Has an editorial focus and mission of providing business owners and managers with the very best management concepts available.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics Serves design engineers, manufacturing engineers, and other technical personnel who are involved in buying or specifying fluid power components, systems, materials, and controls.

Hydro Review Covers hydro in North America.

Hydrocarbon Processing Is the premier magazine providing job-help information to technical and management personnel in petroleum refining, gas processing, petrochemical/chemical and engineer/constructor companies throughout the world.

I’m on LinkedIn–Now What??? Get the most out of this popular business networking site by understanding LinkedIn and why you should use it.

IBM Cognos Software for Transportation Turn transportation data into information that you can act upon.

IBM Multichannel Airline Self-Service Help travelers get on your planes, without any hassle.

ICFA – International Custody & Fund Administration Provides a concise information source and guide to the industry on an international scale mapping out the trends, profiling the markets, investigating the business processes and ensuring our readers are fully aware of the key current and future issues.

ICS Cleaning Specialist Is specifically for the professional floor care and service industry.

IDC Spotlight: Access Control and Certification Read this brief for best practices on managing user access compliance.

IEN Italia Offre un’informazione concisa sugli sviluppi tecnologici dell’industria di processo alle figure chiave del mondo industriale.

Impact of Technology on Cost in Business Process Outsourcing, The Gain insight into the true cost of business process outsourcing (BPO) beyond what is typically reflected in the BPO provider’s service price (total contract value).

IMPO Provides timely, relevant coverage of manufacturing news, technology breakthroughs, and in-plant advancements for plant managers and engineers looking to increase productivity, operate more efficiently and improve competitiveness.

Importance of Going Agile, The A how-to guide of landing on your feet in sales and operations planning.

Improve Customer Conversion, Satisfaction and Retention With the Right CEM Solution For Your Business Quicken Loans relies on Tealeaf for unprecedented visibility into the online user experience for its retail mortgage web site.

Improve Efficiency of Your Medical Practice with The Right Management Software Your business’ medical practice management software is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Improve Quality, Save Time and Money – Single Source Your Technical Documentation and Training Single sourcing technical documentation and training can result in savings of up to a third on the cost of creating docs and training as separate initiatives.

Improve Service Levels and Grow Your Business with Optimized Inventory Management Texas Instruments can attest to the real results achieved through strategic Inventory Optimization, which has allowed the company to improve service levels and grow its business.

Improving Class Quality: Free 34 Page Chapter A free sample chapter from Packt Enterprise’s book: Refactoring with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

Improving Revenue Recognition to Enhance Performance Discover how to automate your revenue-recognition processes with the proper software solution to help assure timely and accurate calculation and reporting of revenue.

Improving Storage Efficiencies with Data Deduplication and Compression (IDC) In this data-intensive environment, IT managers need to optimize the capacity and performance of their disk storage systems while working to reduce complexity and lower costs.

Improving the Effectiveness of Online Drug Distribution Through Web-Enhanced Portals Learn how one pharmaceutical manufacturer successfully implemented an online order management system with improved website speed.

In-Plant Graphics The only publication dedicated to in-plant printers. Covers technical and business-related topics, focusing on prepress, printing, bindery and mailing.

Incident Prevention Is written for utility safety managers, supervisors, foremen and crew leaders. iP readers are employed by investor-owned utilities, municipalities, electric co-ops, communication providers and contractors who provide services to these entities.

Increase efficiency and capacity of your Business with an Inbound Call Center Hiring an outside call center service vendor to handle your incoming calls can be a daunting prospect. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know about finding the right call center, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Increasing Performance in Enterprise Anti-Malware Software Learn how by breaking with the software of the past, new and highly optimized solutions can be developed to protect from malware while ensuring the best possible user experience for your desktops, laptops and servers.

Incredible Guide to NEW Ubuntu (Karmic Koala), The There are a lot of people still stuck with Windows because it’s the ‘easier alternative’. Linux is both cheaper and more versatile than Microsoft’s operating system, but the learning curve has frightened off many people.

Independent Product Review on Software that Manages Admin Rights for Locked Down PCs Read this independent product review on privilege management software that prevents users from using admin or root-level accounts & manages user privileges by elevating rights.

Industria Alimenticia Is the leading Pan-Latin American food and beverage processing and packaging magazine.

Industria Avicola Is published monthly in Spanish for qualified industry professionals in Latin America.

Industrial + Specialty Printing Is the only magazine covering functional and decorative printing done as part of the manufacturing process.

Industrial Engineering News Europe Is a product news publication reporting on new industrial products, with an emphasis on high-tech sector in manufacturing industries.

Industrial Heating Covers heat treatments, brazing, sintering, melting, process control, instrumentation, refractories, burners, heating elements, and other thermal processes typically in excess of 1000(degrees)F.

Industrial Laser Solutions for Manufacturing Reflects the rapidly changing arena of applications of industrial lasers. Read how industry experts, industrial laser users, and laser systems and component makers find the laser to be a cost-effective solution to many manufacturing problems.

Industrial Safety & Hygiene News Is edited for purchasers of safety, industrial hygiene, environmental, health & emergency, and fire & security products.

Industry Market Trends Provides timely coverage on a variety of industry and vertical marketplace developments for engineers, plant/factory professionals, purchasers and general management.

IndustryWeek Connects decision-makers within manufacturing enterprises to share ideas and tools that inspire action. Its award-winning presentation of trends, news, analysis, research and peer-to-peer conversation motivates manufacturing leaders to achieve their goals.

InformationWeek Focuses on the strategic side of information technology.

InformationWeek Government Newsletter Helps you keep up with the latest developments in the Government IT space.

Infosecurity Is dedicated to the strategy and technique of information security, delivering critical business and technical information that IT security professionals need to make informed business decisions.

Infosecurity US Is dedicated to the strategy and technique of information security, delivering critical business and technical information that IT security professionals need to make informed business decisions.

Inside Direct Mail Weekly eNewsletter Is an email newsletter for marketers looking for practical tips and strategies for profitable direct mail marketing.

Installation and Configuration of Oracle SOA Suite 11g R1: Part 1 — Free Sample Chapter A free sample chapter from Packt Enterprise’s book: Getting Started With Oracle SOA Suite 11g R1 – A Hands-On Tutorial.

Installing and Configuring SharePoint 2010 — Free 125 Page User Guide This guide gives you tips on what to avoid during the installation.

Insurance Times Delivers unrivalled access to the UK’s insurance decision making community. If you are a broker, insurer or service provider, Insurance Times is essential reading.

Integrated Solutions Covering front end to back end enterprise IT integration, Integrated Solutions shows growing organizations how to capture, generate, and retrieve data at all points of work and service.

Integrated Solutions for Retailers Is written for decision makers who select new technologies for their companies.

Integrating Data in the Information System: An Open Source Approach Learn how Talend Open Studio’s versatility helps various applications and databases interoperate ensuring consistency and a smooth flow of data across systems.

Integrating Silverlight 4 with SharePoint 2010 — Free 42 Page Sample Chapter A free sample chapter from Packt Enterprise’s book: Microsoft Silverlight 4 and SharePoint 2010 Integration.

Inteligencia de negocios Edge Series section Vea de primera mano la forma en que BusinessObjects Edge Series ofrece capacidades esenciales para mejorar la eficiencia de su empresa y la rentabilidad con un coste bajo de propiedad realmente demostrado.

International Hospital Equipment & Solutions Is the leading international magazine for healthcare decision makers.

International Metalworking News – Middle East Reaches industry buyers with real decision making power to provide them with the latest information on metal cutting and metal forming processes and the latest in machinery and use of materials, with practical solutions for improving productivity, reducing cost, and turning innovations into competitive advantages.

International Metalworking News for Asia Facilitates technology transfer by providing readers, in English with highlights in Chinese, the latest information on metal cutting and metal forming processes, and the latest technology in machinery and use of materials, with practical solutions for improving productivity, reducing cost, and turning innovations into real competitive advantages.

International Plastics News – Middle East Is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of the region’s plastics industry. It provides the latest market information, quality technical features, trade show reviews, and people and company profiles, and is written by industry experts and correspondents across the region.

International Plastics News for Asia Is published 6x a year and is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of the region’s plastics industry. It provides the latest market information, quality technical features, trade show reviews, and people and company profiles, written by industry experts and correspondents across the region.

International Railway Journal Is first in global coverage of the Railway Industry.

Introduction to Free Software The emergence of Free Software is drastically changing the economics of software development and usage.

Introduction to Linux – A Hands on Guide This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide, with exercises at the end of each chapter.

Introduction to Software Development This 380 page eBook “Introduction to Software Development” is designed for IT specialists and developers that are starting their way in the free software development universe.

Introduction to Web Applications Development This 376 page eBook “Introduction to Web Applications Development”, starts with an introduction to the internet, including a brief history of the TCT/IP protocol and World Wide Web.

Investment Rate, The Will keep you ahead of the curve, and help you make intelligent investment and business decisions.

Investment Week Is the premier weekly magazine for top-tier investment professionals in the UK.

InvestmentNews Provides accurate, breaking news to the growing ranks of America’s financial advisers and planners in the increasingly important business of personal finance.

iPad Tips and Tricks – Free Video Training Tutorials In iPad Tips and Tricks, Mac productivity expert Christopher Breen provides essential tips and techniques for getting the most out of the Apple iPad.

iPhone and iPod Touch Essential Training – Updated for iOS 4 – Free Video Training Tutorials In iPhone and iPod Touch Essential Training, Garrick Chow provides in-depth instruction on all aspects of the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch (OS 4.0): making calls, emailing, browsing the web, managing time, getting around town, taking notes, taking photos, and listening to music.

Is a Hosted Electronic Lab Notebook Right for You? Seven Ways to Assess if a Remotely Hosted ELN is Right for You.

IT Pain Relief for Midmarket Businesses Through End-to-End Infrastructure Virtualization Get started quickly on the road to virtualization, simplifying your sprawling IT infrastructure and reducing your costs while still maintaining flexibility for future growth.

IVD Technology Is the only trade journal designed exclusively for manufacturers of in vitro diagnostic products. Written by leading experts in their fields, IVDT’s peer-reviewed articles cover a wide range of technical and regulatory topics.

IVDT Insight Weekly E-Newsletter Analyzes the latest breaking headlines and offers informed commentary on the hottest In Vitro Diagnostics Development & Manufacturing topics.

JavaScript Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks – Free 158 Page Preview, The Get the most out of this complete question-and-answer book on JavaScript.

Justifying IT Security: Managing Risk & Keeping Your Network Secure The goal of a security program is to choose and implement cost effective counter-measures that mitigate the vulnerabilities that will most likely lead to loss.

Key Performance Indicators to Align the Contract Management Process With Your Sales Process Learn 3 steps that will help your organization sell faster, sell more and recognize revenue quicker.

Keyboard Is dedicated to serving the needs of the ever-changing Keyboard Community, striving to be not only informative, but fun.

La clave está en el vendedor: Cómo tomar ventaja de Web 2.0 Este documento examina los desafíos que enfrentan los vendedores, la creciente tendencia de la Web 2.0 en la empresa, y los factores principales para una nueva generación de aplicaciones sociales que complementan los sistemas tradicionales de CRM para ayudar a los vendedores cerrar más contratos y mucho mas rápido.

Lab Animal Reaches over 10,000 professionals in both the academic world and applied research industries.

Lab Manager Magazine® Helps provide a forum and a framework to help lab professionals hire and supervise staff, establish a laboratory, and plan a coherent research program, while keeping the goals of good science and scientific discovery at the forefront.

Laboratory Equipment Reaches lab managers, supervisors and research directors with buying responsibility in research, quality control and testing laboratories located in industry, government and universities, giving them the latest tools to conduct better, more cost-efficient and effective scientific research.

Lambers CPA Review Special Edition The Lambers method of instruction uses case examples and illustrative problems to help you grasp the concept being taught, and remember it. This method of instruction has been used in our classrooms and self-study materials since the inception of the Lambers program. This method of teaching was “born in the classroom” and refined over years by the Lambers professors.

Landscape Management Has been at the forefront of reporting news, trends and intelligence on the growing landscape management market for over 45 years.

Laser Focus World Optics, electro-optics and optoelectronics. Covers the full spectrum of electro-optics applications.

Law Enforcement Analytics: Using Your Data for More Effective Crime Prevention See first-hand how business intelligence and predictive analytics solutions from IBM can improve public safety.

LC*GC North America Is devoted to chromatography and the separation sciences.

LCGC Europe Is the premier monthly business-to-business publication serving the separation science industry in Europe.

Lead Generation Tactics: A Recipe for Success Learn tips and techniques about proven B2B sales lead generation, written by a leading B2B sales and marketing consultant.

Lean Principles In Wholesale Distribution Supply Chains: Do You Pull or Push? Wholesale Distributors – Learn the framework for a lean principles approach.

Lean Workforce – Applying Lean Principles to Improve Workforce Management, The Find out how manufacturers use lean principles to reduce waste in the workforce.

Learn how a Call Center can deliver big benefits to small businesses Your business’ call center software is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Learn How to Choose the Best Web Conferencing System With the increase in demand for video conferencing in business organizations, web video conferencing services are mushrooming at a faster pace. Learn how to choose the best web conferencing software and services for your business and you will also receive free customized, no obligation, Web Conferencing price quotes and see how it would benefit your business.

Learn how to get the cash your business needs by avoiding the banks Funding your business is a critical decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Learn how to make your HR Department more efficient with a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Your HR information system is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Learn how VoIP can save your business thousands of dollars and create more efficiencies Your business’ phone system is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Learning & Development 2010: Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Execution Access Your Complimentary Copy Today. This Offer (a $399 Value) Expires 12/31/2010.

Learning VirtualDub — Free 216 page eBook The complete guide to capturing, processing, and encoding digital video.

Legacy Tools: Not Built for Today’s Helpdesk Why applications like RDP™, pcAnywhere™, VPNs and VNC™ may be costing you time, money and end-user satisfaction.

Legal Aspects of the Information Society Fundamental information for those who want to understand Free Software and how to contribute and benefit from it in a safe and legal way.

Leistung bei der Bereitstellung von Multimedia-Inhalten maximieren Die Bedingungen in puncto Verbindungsqualität und Datenverkehr im Internet ändern sich ständig. Ist Ihr CDN in der Lage, Informationen über diese Bedingungen dazu zu nutzen, jede einzelne Bereitstellung in Echtzeit anzupassen? Die XD Plattform kann das.

Let’s Talk Social Media for Small Business (Version 2) – Free 41 Page eBook Feed the Social Media “Beast” and you’ll see it pay dividends.

Life Insurance Selling Is recognized as the industry’s premier sales publication for life, health and financial planning professionals.

Life Science Leader Is the essential business tool for life science executives.

Linux Email — Free Sample Chapter Set up, maintain, and secure a small office email server.

Linux from Scratch Linux from Scratch describes the process of creating your own Linux system from scratch from an already installed Linux distribution, using nothing but the source code of software that you need.

Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide, The A guide to programming Linux kernel modules.

Linux LPIC 101 – Free 15-Minute Guide PrepLogic’s LPIC1 Exam 101 Mega Guide vividly details the topics and domains you’re expected to know for your exam.

Linux LPIC 102 – Free 15-Minute Guide Download a FREE 15-MINUTE Guide from PrepLogic!

Live Sound International Is the world’s leading publication for sound reinforcement professionals.

Logistics Manager Is the leading monthly magazine for managers in charge of the supply chain of the UK’s largest industrial, retail and commercial organisations.

Longer Lasting, Better Performing V-Belt Drives Learn the Signs of Premature Belt Failure to Prevent Downtime & Save Costs.

Looking for a New Postage Meter? Free Comparison Guide This guide will help you find the right postage meter for your business and you will also receive free price quotes from multiple postage meter companies by phone/email.

Lower R&D IT Support Costs with Improved Scientific Data Integration and Management A must-read for IT departments in today’s science-driven industries whose R&D departments are looking to them to meet demanding innovation schedules.

Lower Transportation Costs Through Bid Collaboration Learn how a transportation bid collaboration system can transform labor-intensive and time-consuming procurement and contracting processes to be more efficient.

LP Gas Serves the retail and wholesale companies that market propane to more than 16 million agribusinesses, industrial, motor fuel and residential customers throughout the United States.

Lubes’n’Greases Europe-Middle East-Africa Is the first independent regional business magazine for and about the lubricants industry in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

M.B.A in Entrepreneurship Take the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in launching a new business or fostering new business enterprises within an organization with a specialization in Entrepreneurship.

M.B.A in Marketing With a specialization in Marketing, you will study marketing fundamentals alongside new advertising and sales strategies driven by technology.

M.B.A. in Corporate Finance With a specialization in Corporate Finance, you can broaden your knowledge of finance to make more informed business decisions.

M.B.A. in Human Resources Management Through a specialization in Human Resource Management, you will have the opportunity to develop a deeper awareness of leadership styles and how they impact individuals and teams.

Mac Manual, The This guide supplies you with numerous tips, tricks and free applications. Get the hang of the interface and discover what your Mac is really capable of.

Machine Design Provids the news, applications, in-depth technical information, new products and vendor information engineers need and trust.

Machinery & Industrial Supplies Is your essential guide to successful sourcing from China & Asia.

Mainframe Executive IT Management in the Mainframe-Centric Enterprise.

Maintaining Continuity of Operations with a Disaster Tolerance Strategy Learn how to reduce the financial impact and maintain acceptable levels of productivity during an unplanned disaster.

Maintenance Technology Is the premier publication for equipment reliability and maintenance bringing you quality articles on best maintenance practices.

Making Critical Connections: Predictive Analytics in Government Improve strategic and tactical decision-making.

Making Large UPS Systems More Efficient Learn how to improve large UPS efficiency.

Making the Case for BPM; Justifying a BPM Investment in 2010 Learn how BPM provides exactly the right technology and approach to improvement that every company needs right now – more efficiency, better customer interactions, faster return on investment and lower risk projects.

Malware Security Report: Protecting Your Business, Customers, and the Bottom Line This paper highlights how attackers distribute malware, what the profit motivations are for modern criminals, and how cybercriminals have developed attack techniques that allow malware to infect thousands of web sites at once.

Manage equipment and facilities effectively with the right maintenance management software Your business’ maintenance management software is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Managed Care Has a mission to advise managed markets physicians, pharmacists, and executives on the integration of the business and medical aspects of the rapidly changing managed care market.

Managed Care On-Line Delivers daily managed care & health management business information via a package of valuable e-newsletters and a subscriber only web site.

Managing Cash Flow in Times of Crisis Discover specific actions companies can take to ensure high cash-flow velocity and vital liquidity.

Managing Change Effectively with ERP: The Impact on 5 Key Business Functions Change is inevitable…get ahead of the curve with flexible ERP.

Managing Environmental Risk This Economist Intelligence Unit global research report is based on a survey of 320 executives responsible for risk management at their companies.

Managing Information in the Enterprise: Perspectives for Business Leaders In their effort to turn piles of data into actionable information, large global enterprises are applying rigorous strategic thinking to using information management to contain costs and provide a competitive advantage.

Managing Risk in Perilous Times. Practical Steps to Accelerate Recovery Examine lessons learned from the current financial crisis in this EIU report.

Manufacturing Growth Study – Strategies for Recovery and Renewal in 2010 and Beyond Find out what manufacturing strategies and investments you should be planning to capture more business opportunities.

Manufacturing Operations Management: Capitalizing on the Economic Recovery Given today’s economic conditions, manufacturers are facing many challenges.

Manutenzione In ogni numero si trata di ambiente, sicurezza & salute, manutenzione elettrica, Manutenzione meccanica, fluid engineering e strumentazione & controllo.

Marine Log Is dedicated to providing marine industry professionals with the information they need to enable them to design, build and operate vessels, rigs and offshore structures, profitably, safely, legally and in an environmentally responsible manner.

Marketech 2009/2010 — The Guide to Emerging Marketing Technology and Social Media In 2007, MarketingSavant wrote the “MarkeTech ‘08″ guide to marketing technology as an American Marketing Association members-only eBook to guide marketers through the most practical, useful and marketing-friendly technology tools like blogs, email, widgets and video.

Marketing Campaign Development What Marketing Executives need to know about architecting global integrated marketing campaigns.

Marketing in a Downturn: Recession-Proof Strategies for Smart Marketers In today’s economy, how do we effectively use today’s marketing tools to speak with our customers?

Mass Market Retailers Is the global newspaper for supermarket, drug, and discount chains.

Master of Healthcare Administration (M.H.A.) Is designed to help provide you with targeted skills and develop expertise in healthcare management.

Master Reference Data: Extract Value from your Most Common Data Learn how to implement a collaborative workflow and put the power of cooperation and approval into the hands of the data owners.

Material Handling Management Has been the leading source of information for corporate managers who oversee the handling, storage and movement of raw materials, in-process goods and finished product throughout the supply chain.

Materials Today Is the international review magazine for all researchers with an interest in materials science and technology.

Maximise Content Delivery Performance Internet connectivity and traffic conditions change from moment to moment. Can your CDN use information about those conditions and dynamically adapt every delivery in real time? The XD Platform can.

Maximize the Benefits of Federal and State Research and Experimentation Tax Credits Find out how automating workforce management helps firms maximize R&D tax credit benefits.

MCITP Transit Map Navigate the MCITP web with PrepLogic’s Free MCITP Transit map.

MD&DI E-Newsletter Is a monthly publication, providing highlights from Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry’s monthly print edition as well as Web exclusives and MD&DI blog entries.

MDT Presents news of technology, applications, regulatory and industry news, and innovative products for the entire team working on the design, manufacture and production of medical devices.

MEAT & POULTRY Is edited to serve the management and technical information needs of the meat, poultry and seafood industry, including processors and further processors, fresh meat packers, and renderers.

MED eNewsletter Is exclusively for engineers and designers of medical electronic devices.

Medical Billing Service Made Simple: For A More Profitable Practice Your business’ medical billing system is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Medical Construction & Design Is the industry’s leading source for current news, technology, and methods.

Medical Design Provides design and manufacturing professionals in the Medical Device Industry with cutting edge technical and market information they need to develop, manufacture, and bring to market finished devices in today’s fast paced and cost conscious medical device market.

Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Is a monthly magazine written exclusively for original equipment manufacturers of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic products.

Medical Electronics Manufacturing Is the only publication of its kind dedicated exclusively to the medical electronics market.

Medical Product Manufacturing News Is a product tabloid magazine that provides information on the new products and services available to medical device manufacturers.

Medical Product Outsourcing Is the only global magazine dedicated to the growing trend of medical device and in-vitro diagnostics outsource manufacturing.

Medical Products Asia Highlights the latest developments and innovations for the medical equipment industry covering supplies, furnishings and accessories, product designs, development and services, as well as information on legislation, patents and intellectual property rights.

Medical Transcription Services: Providing Best Cost and Accuracy For Every Practice Your business’ medical transcription services is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Microsoft 70-305 Developing and Implementing Web Apps with VB .NET and VS .NET SE Special Edition Practice Exam ExamForce practice exams save IT professional’s time and money by focusing their study time on the areas they need help most.

Microsoft Office Live Small Business — Free 263 page eBook Build and customize your small business website – a step-by-step beginners guide.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – Implementation and Maintenance Special Edition Practice Exam CramMaster 70-431 measures your ability to implement and maintain a SQL Server 2005 database.

Microsoft® Dynamics CRM 30-day Trial Offer Access your data on a secure website that Microsoft has reserved just for you with Microsoft® Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft® Online Services Business Value Learn how Microsoft® Online Services provide businesses with subscription-based Microsoft-hosted online services that offer access to rich communication, collaboration, and productivity applications from anywhere.

Microsoft® Webcast: Driving Customer Service Success in the Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online More and more companies are discovering that they can run their customer service operations from the cloud and deliver more responsive service at a lower cost.

Microwave Engineering Europe Is the leading journal for microwave and RF engineering professionals in Europe.

Microwave Product Digest Microwave Product Digest is the premier new product magazine devoted to information on components, equipment and subsystems for the RF, microwave and wireless industries.

Microwaves & RF Provides concisely written articles on RF and microwave technology and applications for design engineers and engineering managers working from approximately 10 MHz through millimeter-wave frequencies and optical wavelengths in both analog and digital areas.

Military & Aerospace Electronics Is published exclusively for engineering managers and engineers involved with military and aerospace electronic systems design, development and production.

Mobile Computers Give Healthcare Professionals What They Need Now With easy access to information and each other, healthcare workers can raise their quality of care.

Mobile Device Management for Dummies Did you know that up to 70% of enterprise data exists in various frontline settings, from laptops to handheld devices, to store and remote office environments?

Mobile Media Strategies That Work Meet the demand for mobile video content. Learn from industry-leading media publishers.

Mobile Media Strategies That Work Meet the demand for mobile video content. Learn from industry-leading media publishers.

Mobile Media: The Single-Source Publishing Model Extend the reach of your video content to the rapidly expanding universe of mobile devices.

Money Marketing Launched in 1985, Money Marketing is the number one weekly newspaper for the UK’s Independent Financial Adviser and Financial Services industry.

Mortgage Strategy Launched in September 2001, Mortgage Strategy was the first weekly intermediary title in the mortgage market.

Motion System Design Serves design and manufacturing engineers personally involved in designing motion systems for manufactured products and industrial machinery.

Moving to the Cloud In this eBook, learn from companies that have migrated to Google Apps and explore the results from key IT leaders on what they have achieved so far, as well as the lessons they have learned.

MS in ED – Leadership in Education Leadership in Educational Administration specialization.

MS in IT – Network Architecture Network Architecture specialization.

MS in Organizational Management – General Organizational Development This master’s specialization in General Organizational Development offers a multi-disciplinary, practitioner approach to organizations and systems, emphasizing a consultative, process-oriented methodology.

MS in Public Safety – Public Safety Leadership Public Safety Leadership specialization.

Multi-channel Marketing This white paper is intended for marketing professionals who want to integrate their business processes with a content management system to achieve coordinated and consistent messages for multiple target audiences.

Multichannel Merchant Is the leading information source serving the catalog, Internet and merchant community selling & delivering merchandise direct-to-customer with breaking news, tactics, trends and information – online, in print and in person.

MX Medtech Executive Is a twice-monthly e-newsletter serving the business needs of executive-level medical technology decision makers around the globe, providing medtech news and perspectives from the editors of MX.

Myth of Multitasking: How ‘Doing It All’ Gets Nothing Done – Free Book Summary, The Know in ten minutes what takes others hours to learn, and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Myths versus Facts: Setting the Record Straight Explore five myths to aid your research and discovery process of the HD video communications.

NASA Tech Briefs Features exclusive reports of innovations developed by NASA and its industry partners/contractors that can be applied to develop new/improved products and solve engineering or manufacturing problems.

National Driller Serves contractors in the drilling, pump installation, irrigation and water conditioning/treatment industries.

National Floor Trends Focuses on information to help its readers succeed in business, the magazine covers all types of floor covering and related information including carpet, resilient, wood, ceramics, rugs, cushion, rubber floors and accessories.

Nature Methods Provides techniques for life scientists and chemists.

Need Speedy Cash? Try Factoring for Your Business This guide will explain how to get money quickly without the hassle of getting a bank involved. You will also receive multiple free price quotes from reputable factoring companies by phone/email.

New Approach to Protect Against Evolving Malware, The Learn about the scope of the malware problem and strategies that can help you defend against evolving malware threats.

New Equipment Digest Is the industry’s most preferred products magazine for more than 70 years since 1936!

New Marketing Technologies Drive Revenue for Network and Telecom Product Companies Marketers build emotional connections between complex Telco infrastructure managers and buyers of products, with 3D Interactive Product Demonstrations.

Next Generation Data Protection with Symantec NetBackup™ 7 Learn how NetBackup 7 simplifies the protection of your information-driven enterprise by automating advanced technologies and standardizing operations across applications, platforms, and virtual environments.

Next Generation HP ProLiant™ Server Line: A Powerful Platform for Virtualization, The As businesses of every size are seeking to lower power and cooling costs, simplify administration, and conserve data center floor space, they are rapidly virtualizing their physical infrastructures.

Next-Generation Disaster Recovery and Availability Technologies for AIX and IBM i (i5/OS) on IBM Power Systems Review the technology spectrum available for IBM i and AIX environments including the latest, next-generation solutions.

No Nonsense XML Web Development With PHP – Free 146 Page Preview! Learn how to put XML to practical use on your Website.

NonProfit Times, The Join the more than 85,000 nonprofit executives who read The NonProfit Times!

Nutritional Outlook The manufacturer’s resource for dietary supplements and healthy foods and beverages.

O+F Advisor From the editors of Multichannel Merchant magazine, The Operations & Fulfillment Advisor provides the expert strategic advice and practical techniques that Operations professionals urgently need to improve efficiencies, productivity, cost savings, and customer service.

Office Worker’s Guide to a USB Thumb Drive, The A thorough introduction to USB flash drives for office workers.

Official Is the nation’s leading source for information about plumbing & mechanical safety codes, as well as codes and safety standards for many diverse areas including swimming pools, solar energy, recreational vehicles and manufactured housing.

Offshore Is the leading monthly information source for offshore oil and gas operations and deep offshore markets.

Offshore Engineer Provides the highest quality editorial product across the broad spectrum of offshore technologies.

Offshoring Secrets: Building and Running a Successful India Operation Understand the issues faced by managers in India, and their frustrations in dealing with their counterparts in the parent company.

Oil & Gas Financial Journal Provides petroleum industry managers, analysts and investors credible, useful information about the most important financial developments and oil exploration of their business.

Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment Announces more new equipment, products, systems, services, and technologies than any other oil industry magazine each month.

Oilfield Technology Magazine Covers all facets of the global exploration, drilling and production sector.

Online Brand Protection: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Proactive Strategy Learn the four steps that comprise the ideal online brand protection strategy consisting of both technological and organizational programs.

Open Networks – When Users Create a Network This 53 Page eBook explores the different aspects of open technologies that are at the foundations of modern computer networks.

Optimisez les performances de votre CDN, Et développez votre activité Maximisez la valeur de vos contenus en ligne – et les bénéfices de votre entreprise – en adoptant une approche de nouvelle génération à la diffusion de contenu. À la fois plus rapide et plus intelligente, la Plate-forme XD de Limelight Networks autorise des gains de performance allant jusqu’à 236%.

Optimisez vos performances de diffusion de contenu La connectivité Internet et les conditions de trafic évoluent sans cesse. Votre réseau CDN est-il capable d’exploiter les informations reçues à propos de ces conditions et d’adapter dynamiquement chaque diffusion en temps réel ? La Plate-forme XD le peut.

Optimizing Information with a Tiered Storage Architecture As you address data management needs, whether to make information available for long periods of time, meet legal or corporate regulations or to keep information safe, secure and accessible, a solution is needed that is not only dynamic and sustainable but also cost-effective.

OR Nurse 2010 Presents concise, up-to-the-minute clinical and practical information in a reader-friendly format, to help busy perioperative nurses keep pace with the changes in their field.

Oracle Database 11g Product Family Whether you’re a lone developer, a midsize business, or large corporate enterprise, there’s an edition of the world’s #1 database to meet your business and technical requirements.

Oracle Web Services Manager: Authentication and Authorization A free sample chapter from Packt Enterprise’s book: Oracle Web Services Manager.

Oracle WebLogic Suite and Oracle SOA Suite A Synergistic Offering for Building, Deploying and Managing SOA Applications.

Organize Your Files with Document Management Software Find a Low Cost Document Management Software for Your Business Needs, and receive free price quotes from pre-screened and quality vendors.

Origination News Is the largest publication servicing mortgage originators!

Orthopedic Design & Technology Is devoted to the design and manufacturing of orthopedic products.

OrthoTec Is a magazine that covers precision manufacturing applications for the orthopedics, cardiology, and general surgery sectors.

OrthoTec Newsletter, The Is a highly informative and weekly eNewsletter that links orthopaedics professionals to the latest industry developments, from business and technology trends to new materials.

Os 6 erros mais comuns cometido pelas empresas e como fazer para evitá-los Você trabalha com informação demais ou insights de menos?

OS Interaction – Free 17 Page Chapter A free sample chapter from Packt Enterprise’s book: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Programming Cookbook.

Outsourcing Web Projects: 6 Steps to a Smarter Business – Free Preview! Learn the fundamentals of finding, selecting, engaging, managing, and retaining an outsourcing firm.

Overcoming Objections to Data Governance Discover how championing the virtues of data governance can drive your corporation in an efficient, profitable and compliant direction.

Overdrive Is the leading trucking magazine for professional owners and drivers.

P & T Is a monthly Journal for Pharmacy and Therapeutics decision makers.

Package Design Magazine Is full of the news and information professional package designers need to stay abreast of the latest innovations, materials, and technology driving the packaging industry.

packagePrinting Is for printers and converters of labels, flexible packaging and folding cartons.

Packaging Digest Serves manufacturing companies who package products, as well as the wholesale and service industries.

Paint & Coatings Industry Is a monthly publication serving manufacturers of paints, coating, adhesives, sealants and printing inks.

Paraccel Analytic Database: Fraud Analytics for Financial Services Creative, interative analysis detects and halts fraud in minutes, rather than hours or days.

Patient Safety: Critical IT Considerations Learn what IT decision makers need to consider when evaluating a patient wristbanding solution.

Pay Per Click Scams: How Marketers Can Fight Back and Win Learn how fighting pay per click scams reclaims lost web traffic and revenue.

PCI Compliance for Dummies Get the facts on PCI Compliance and learn how to comply with the PCI Data Security standard.

Pensions & Investments Provides its audience with timely and incisive coverage of events affecting the money management business.

Pentair Improves Service Operations with a New On-Demand Solution Discover how using an on-demand solution for field service management helped Pentair improve customer service, turnaround times and tracking.

Pest Management Professional Provides the cutting-edge business solutions and industry-leading technical coverage pest management professionals need to run their business more effectively and more profitably.

Petfood Industry Is a monthly magazine serving individuals and firms involved with manufacturing pet food for the retail markets worldwide.

Pharm Rep Direct Is the free biweekly newsletter from the editors of Pharmaceutical Representative.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News Is a magazine for professionals involved in the packaging of pharmaceutical and medical products reports on new containers, machinery, services, and supplies used in these industries.

Pharmaceutical Executive Is a publication designed to meet the diverse management and marketing needs of professionals in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

Pharmaceutical Executive Europe Is the leading strategy-based, business management publication for senior executives, corporate strategists and sales & marketing leaders in the European pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Processing Is the must-read information source for news of products, technologies and applications for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing professionals.

Pharmaceutical Technology Is a publication providing practical information on pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical Technology Europe Is the market-leading publication for European professionals actively involved in pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical development, manufacturing and QA/QC.

PharmaVOICE Delivers the views, opinions, and insights of executives who are shaping the direction of the dynamic life-sciences industry.

Phone System Providers Chart 2010 Buying a Phone System? Compare the Top 96 Business Phone Systems in one chart (Fall 2010 Edition).

Phone Systems for Small, Medium & Enterprise Business: Which to Buy? Shopping for a phone system for your business? These are the top five providers for small-sized, medium-sized, large-sized, and enterprise level businesses.

Phone Systems Market Primer Learn everything you need to know about current offerings in this FREE Market Primer.

Phone+ Offers readers the information they need to modify and expand their product base to serve a more experienced consumer.

Photonics Online Features the news, companies, latest developments, products, and applications that have sprung from this exciting field.

Photonics Spectra Provides business news and technology solutions to readers in the optics, lasers, imaging, fiber optics, electro-optics and photonic component manufacturing.

Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Mastery – Free Video Training Tutorials In the all-new Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Mastery, the third and final installment of the popular series, join industry expert and award-winning author Deke McClelland for an in-depth tour of the most powerful and empowering features of Photoshop CS5.

PHP Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks, 2nd Edition – Free 207 Page Preview!, The A compilation of the best solutions provided to common PHP questions.

Pig International Brings you every month reports on current worldwide topics and latest product & marketing news in the Pig Industry.

Pipeline & Gas Journal The recognized authority on pipeline operations worldwide.

Plan Sponsor Is written for executives with responsibility for their organizations’ retirement plans.

Planning and Scheduling in the 21st Century Learn the Top 7 New Planning & Scheduling Approaches to Support Modern Manufacturing.

Plumbing & Mechanical Features field-covered, illustrated case histories, and in-depth news stories for the plumbing-hydronic-heating-piping trades contractor.

Point of Beginning Has been serving the surveying and mapping industry as an informative national publication.

Pollution Engineering Provides information for today’s Engineers and Consulting Engineers in the Pollution Control field.

Poultry International Serving Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

Powder Bulk Solids Is the leading resource for the dry processing and solids handling industry.

Power Engineering International Provides articles on new technologies and installations as well as market reports, news, commentary and analysis.

Power Principles – Free eBook Sales guru Jeb Blount gives you the 5 principles that virtually guarantee success in sales.

Power Transmission Engineering Reaches consumers of power transmission products with feature articles that focus on a particular theme and often include in-depth interviews with industry leaders. Subjects related to designing, maintaining and upgrading power transmission and motion control systems, as well as the latest in research and development from component manufacturers are also covered.

POWERGRID International Continues to follow industry trends, remaining cutting edge and now covering equipment from inside the power plant control room to devices inside the home.

Prepared Foods Serves firms that develop, manufacture, process, package, and market food and beverage products.

Prevue Every group has its own story. So does every destination. It’s important to consider the flavor and identity of both to find the optimum location for your next meeting or incentive program. Prevue‘s mission is to paint that picture for you.

Principles Of Project Management – Free 66 Page Preview!, The Learn how you can deliver projects on time and on budget, again and again.

Printing Impressions Is edited to assist printing industry executives with in-depth information on the benefits of the products or services you plan to purchase.

Private Label Buyer Is the industry leader covering the retail and wholesale market for buyers and executives who purchase food and non-food private label products.

Pro Sound News Is the leading magazine serving current news to the professional sound production industry.

Process Engineering Offers practical advice from qualified engineers and scientists on the technical and management challenges faced by engineers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil/gas, food processing, rubber/plastics and utilities sectors.

Process Heating Is written for manufacturing engineers who use heat processing equipment, components, materials and supplies.

Processing Is the only product publication serving all related process industries.

Processing & Control News Europe Covers every aspect of process engineering including process and plant design, plant operation & quality control, maintenance, energy and more.

Processor Provides The Most Complete Coverage Of New Data Center Products & Technologies.

Product Design & Development Is THE information source for design engineers and engineering managers looking to advance the quality and efficiency of their current and future design projects, helping to get them into production and deliver them to market faster and more economically.

Product News Alert Provides the latest industry trends and developments, helps you monitor what your competitors are doing, and see how new technologies are being integrated into manufacturing R&D processes, by following the commercial launch of new products.

Produits Equipements Industriels Adresse aux ingénieurs d’études, de production et aux directions des achats en apportant un condensé des dernèhres nouveautés produits.

Professional Adviser Is the weekly investment magazine for advisers that want to develop their business and deliver the best possible value to their clients.

Professional Carwashing & Detailing® Delivers substantive information that is written for those who know the car care business. Over 18,000 professionals rely on their monthly magazine to help them run more profitable car washes, detail shops, and quick lube operations.

Professional Pensions UK’s leading weekly publication for the occupational pensions industry.

Profit Magazine Is distributed to more than 110,000 C-level executives* and provides business leaders with a road map on turning their technology investments into top and bottom line advantages.

Programmers Heaven C# School Book -Free 338 Page eBook The Programmers Heaven C# School book covers the .NET framework and the C# language.

Promo P&I From the editors of PROMO magazine, the bi-weekly Premium & Incentives newsletter provides news and insight into how brands use incentives such as premiums, gift cards, loyalty and reward programs to drive response in their promotional campaigns.

Promo Xtra From the editors of PROMO magazine, the twice-weekly Promotional Marketing enewsletter provides critical news across the entire universe of promotional tactics, strategies, campaigns and brands.

Proof Positive – Extended Validation SSL Increases Online Sales and Transactions Learn how the proper IT security policies can actually drive more sales.

Pros & Cons of a Hosted PBX Phone System Your business’ phone system is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Proven Methods for Businesses to Save with VoIP Phone Systems Learn the details on how to increase communication productivity, lower phone system bills, and find the right hardware. You will also receive multiple free price quotes from reputable VoIP service providers by phone/email.

Public Safety IT Provides solutions for emergency management & homeland security: fire, police, EMS, justice and communications.

Public Utilities Fortnightly is the utility industry standard–totally independent, Fortnightly editors present all sides of the crucial issues, especially the inside.

Publishing Executive Provides strategic solutions for top executives in magazine publishing management, digital publishing, manufacturing, production/workflow and design.

Pulp & Paper International The leading source, offering a truly global perspective, of the driving forces currently at work in the Pulp & Paper industry.

Put Data Growth in Its Place Explosion of information has a significant impact on storage spending-as well as on IT’s ability to meet the needs of its business units-and it can lead to the use of any number of disparate tools just to protect applications and keep them running.

Putting Your Utility’s Information at Your Fingertips Discover how to make your utility’s content instantly available with full data integrity for your staff.

Qmed Daily and Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry magazine celebrate their 30th anniversary with a daily newsletter covering the latest news in the medical device industry worldwide.

Quality Is a monthly business publication serving the quality assurance and process improvement needs of more than 64,000 manufacturing professionals.

R&D provides market-leading R&D executives, project managers, scientists and engineers with the critical information they need to set the direction for technology within their organizations.

Radio Is published monthly and serves the needs of radio engineers, managers and owners who need to make informed equipment and services buying decisions.

RadioResource International Delivers wireless voice and data solutions for mobile and remote mission-critical operations for professionals.

Recruiter Is the principal magazine for the UK recruitment profession.

Redefining Viral Marketing Content, no matter how brilliant, creative, abstract, or controversial, is not inherently viral.

Reducing Costs Through Better Server Utilization This white paper highlights how customers can use innovative virtualization and consolidation technologies from Oracle to create substantial savings on their investments in Sun servers from Oracle.

Reducing Costs Through Better Server Utilization In this free white paper, learn how a lower server count can keep the datacenter agile enough to cope with today’s dynamically changing priorities and pressures.

Reeves Journal Addresses the regional opportunities and challenges facing contractors, wholesalers and engineers in the 14 western states.

Refrigerated and Frozen Food Retailer Provides retail headquarters executives with thought-provoking coverage and fact-based analysis of the entire spectrum of low-temperature food products.

Registered Rep. Is the source for investment professionals.

Renewable Energy Focus USA Is a leading international magazine providing authoritative coverage of what’s hot in renewable energy, dedicated to developments in the USA.

Renewable Energy World Effectively promotes all aspects of renewable energy technology in the worldwide marketplace.

Renewable Energy World North America Serves professionals in the utility-scale renewable energy industry with in-depth articles, columns and features.

Renewed Finance Function: Extending Performance Management Beyond Finance, The Learn why the requirement to close books quickly and with quality is emerging again as an important project for today’s global finance function.

Rental Product News Provides professional rental operators with the latest insights on equipment asset management so they can make their businesses more productive and competitive.

Resilience & Optimization on IBM Power Systems: Surveys of IBM i and AIX Users Read this review of the data protection and recovery technologies and strategies that IBM i and AIX customers have adopted.

Responding Quickly to Changing Markets: Anticipate, Adapt, Excel When your business is poised to handle challenges with agility and speed, market changes become opportunities to excel.

Restaurant Business Is the only publication that is all about and only about the restaurant entrepreneur–serving regional and emerging chains, multi-concept operators and high-volume independents with ideas to innovate and grow.

Restoration & Remediation Is a unique, all-inclusive resource for reaching professionals engaged in water damage and structural drying; fire and smoke damage; contaminant and pollutant abatement, mitigation and remediation; reconstruction; disaster response and more!

Retail Customer Experience News Alert Is a twice-weekly news briefing on the top retail industry news impacting the customer experience.

Retail Online Integration Is the practical, information packed publication devoted to helping online merchants, catalogers, retailers and brand marketers tackle industry challenges and discover the opportunities to grow their business in new and profitable ways with solid, how-to information on e-mail marketing, prospecting, social media and much more!

Retain and Grow your Customer Base with IBM Business Analytics In the highly competitive insurance industry, customers are less loyal, more price conscious and have higher service expectations.

Rethinking Data Integration in the Cloud: A Revolutionary Approach Kapow changes the game, giving you unprecedented data integration flexibility in the cloud.

Revolutionizing Enterprise Storage Infrastructure with Enterprise Flash Technology Businesses increasingly rely on datacenters to provide access to services, applications, and data.

Revolutionizing Enterprise Storage Infrastructure with Enterprise Flash Technology Today companies can add storage capacity easily by augmenting infrastructure with additional hard disk drives and arrays.

RFID Journal Is the world’s largest and most respected source of news and information about radio frequency identification (RFID) and its many business and consumer applications.

Road to BI Success, The There is growing evidence that more pervasive BI and analytics have a direct impact on competitiveness.

Roads & Bridges Provides engineers, contractors, producers and government officials with the latest advancements in the road and bridge industry.

ROI of Application Delivery Controllers in Traditional and Virtualized Environments, The Learn how modern offload technologies in Application Delivery Controllers can drastically reduce expenses in traditional and virtualized architectures, with a fast ROI.

ROI of Application Delivery Controllers in Traditional and Virtualized Environments, The Learn how modern offload technologies in Application Delivery Controllers can drastically reduce expenses in traditional and virtualized architectures, with a fast ROI.

ROI Of Software-As-A-Service, The Firms almost always consider SaaS as a cost-advantage over on-premise in the short run due to its quick implementation times and pay-as-you-go pricing.

ROI Report eNewsletter, The Is an information-packed eNewsletter that offers innovative and proven strategies to help retailers, catalogers, online marketers and brand merchants properly integrate their selling channels.

Roofing Contractor Is written specifically for roofing contractors, and for distributors and other contractors in the roofing industry.

Rough Notes Serves independent property/casualty insurance agencies, life and health insurance agencies and brokerages.

Ruby on Rails 3 Essential Training – Free Video Training Tutorials In Ruby on Rails 3 Essential Training, instructor Kevin Skoglund shows how to create full-featured, object-oriented web applications with the latest version of the popular, open-source Ruby on Rails framework.

Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache – Free 191 Page Preview Learn about everything you’ll need to build and maintain your Linux servers, and to deploy Web applications to them.

SaaS ERP: Trends & Observations 2010 Access Your Complimentary Copy Today. This Offer (a $399 Value) Expires 12/31/2010.

SaaS Realities: Business Benefits for Small and Mid-sized Enterprises In this paper, Saugatuck Technologies considers the business advantages of moving to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model and the motivation for making what can be a significant change in information technology.

Sales 2.0 – How Businesses are Using Online Collaboration to Spark Sales Learn how Sales 2.0 is radically reshaping every facet in today’s sales process.

SAP Business Objects Supply Chain Performance Management: Improving Supply Chain Effectiveness The SAP Business Objects Supply Chain Performance Management application helps companies make their supply chains more effective and responsive in the face of complex and fast changing market conditions.

SAP for Utilities Solution Portfolio Asset & Work Mgmt White Paper Faced with a myriad of challenges that include aging infrastructure and aging workforces, utilities are struggling to get their arms around the assets they have to meet these challenges.

Save Up To 80% On Your Business Phone Bill With VoIP Phone System Businesses are saving up to 80% on their monthly phone bills by switching to a VoIP phone service. Learn how your company can benefit from VoIP, as well as receiving free customized, no obligation, Business VoIP quotes and see how VoIP would benefit your business.

Scaling Your Online Business Build one-to-one relationships with your customers. Create loyalty and preference. Learn how to give them access wherever and however they want it.

Scrappy Information Security This book should be read by anyone who cares about the security and privacy of their online information, and wants to know how to take steps to protect it … and that should be everyone. This book should be read by anyone who wants to “do the right thing” and ensure that they do not inadvertently compromise their employer’s, or their own, sensitive information … and that should be everyone.

Screen Printing Is the leading publication and trusted source of information for the screen-printing industry.

SD Times Is The Industry Newspaper for Software Development Managers.

SDM Is the complete magazine of the electronic security industry.

SeaFood Business Provides important, timely editorial features to help seafood buyers with their purchasing decisions.

Securing & Optimizing Linux: The Hacking Solution (v.3.0) A comprehensive collection of Linux security products and explanations in the most simple and structured manner on how to safely and easily configure and run many popular Linux-based applications and services.

Securing the Cloud Learn how F5 solutions can help make your cloud infrastructure or deployment more secure, reliable, and resilient.

Security Focuses on ways to apply technology and services to solve security problems.

Security and Trust: The Backbone of Doing Business Over the Internet Learn how to best implement a security strategy that keeps consumers’ information secure and instills the confidence they need to proceed with transactions.

Security Products Is your essential guide to successful sourcing from China & Asia.

Security Source This newly premiered publication is a one-stop source for security topics and strategies, offered exclusively by

Security Systems News Is the newpaper of record for the security systems integrator and installer.

Seeing the Big Picture: A Corporate Guide to Better Decisions through IT Learn how to use Information Technology to drive better information quality and better decision-making.

Seis errores que cometen hoy las empresas Y cómo puede usted evitarlos ¿Está trabajando con demasiada información o muy poco relevante?

Selecting the Right Credit Card Processing Company for Your Business This free guide will walk you through the steps needed to choose the best merchant account vendor, plus, you get instantly matched with qualified merchant account vendors to receive custom, no obligation quotes by phone/email.

Senior Market Advisor Provides the tools to gain that edge when selling annuities, long-term care, and life insurance.

Setting Up The Right Database: A Guide To The Best Database Design & Development Your business’ database design and development is a critical purchasing decision. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know before you buy, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Setting up the Right E-commerce Site for your Business Does your company sell products or services that can be delivered online or through the mail? Does your target audience number in the tens of thousands or more? Are you interested in national or global exposure? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, selling over the Internet can be the right choice to grow your business. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know about finding the right E-commerce solution provider, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Setting up the Right Employee Retirement Plan for your Business As a business owner or manager, you want to attract and retain high-quality employees. By offering retirement plans such as 401k or Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you can motivate potential and existing staffers by helping them prepare for life after the workforce. BuyerZone will walk you through everything you need to know about finding the right employee retirement plan provider, along with Free price quotes (via phone and email) from multiple vendors.

Seven Best Practices for Fighting Counterfeit Sales Online Find out how to choke off online counterfeit sales by addressing both the criminals’ promotional efforts and their distribution channels.

Seven Reasons Customers Do Business, Online and Offline Learn how you can create a trustworthy website for your customers.

Sexy Web Design – Free 71 Page Preview! An easy-to-follow guide that reveals the secrets of how to build your own breathtaking web interfaces from scratch.

SFO – Stocks, Futures and Options Magazine the FREE magazine for Stocks, Futures and Options Traders, is dedicated to providing investors and retail traders an educational resource in the ever-changing financial marketplace.

Ship Your Products without Hassles: Order Fulfillment Whether you operate an e-commerce company, or sell products through catalogs, fulfillment services will store and ship your products for you, freeing up your time to focus on growing the business. With this guide, you will also receive multiple free price quotes by phone/email from reputable order fulfillment companies.

Sign up & Get a FREE Grainger Catalog & Newsletters Receive their FREE 4,000-plus page catalog packed with hundreds of thousands of products for facilities maintenance professionals from businesses and institutions of all sizes.

Signs of the Times Has been the leading source of comprehensive sign-industry news, technical information and in-depth analysis since 1906.

Simply JavaScript – Free 150 Page Preview! Packed with full-color examples, Simply JavaScript is all you need to start programming in JavaScript the right way.

Simply Rails 2 – Free 173 Page Preview! Learn how to be an accomplished Ruby programmer in no time!

Simply SQL – Free 111 Page Preview! Simply SQL is a practical step-by-step guide to writing SQL.

Site Selection Gives a global, expansion-minded audience World Reports, compiled by Conway Data’s network of top-notch, veteran international correspondents.

Six Mistakes Companies Are Making Today And How You Can Avoid Them When the economy slows, many businesses react by retrenching and cutting costs in order to weather the downturn.

Six Steps To Creating More Productive Staff Performance Evaluations This paper discusses steps that you, as a supervisor, can take to put your employee at ease when it comes to a performance review process by making the evaluation process flow smoothly, and ensure the evaluation is productive for both you and your employee.

Slackware Linux Essentials The official guide to Slackware Linux.

Small Business Endpoint Protection Performance Benchmarks PassMark Software® conducted objective performance testing on five, publically available small business endpoint protection security software products on Windows 7 Ultimate Edition in September 2010.

Smart Meetings Is the intelligent way to plan meetings in the Western US, Canada and Mexico.

Smarter Railroad: An Opportunity for the Railroad Industry, The IBV Paper: The smarter railroad.

SMB Information Protection Survey The 2010 Survey Report sheds light on precisely the risks SMBs are facing, what they are doing about it and how much it is costing them. It also provides some simple steps SMBs can take to improve their information protection footing.

SMB Phone Systems Learn how to put the power of hosted VoIP to work for your SMB.

SMB Phone Systems Buyer’s Guide Read this Buyer’s Guide today to get the facts you need to find the best solution for your business.

Smooth Operations: Smarter Transportation Systems The world’s transportation systems are struggling to cope with the world’s increasing transportation needs.

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Is leading the charge as the information source for Volume Bakery, serving owners, executives, engineers, purchasers and sales people for manufacturers and processors.

Snips Covers new products & technology, business management tips, application stories, equipment and shop & field reports.

SOA and Business Processes: Making the Connection Oracle’s business is information—how to manage it, use it, share it, protect it.

SOA and WS-BPEL: Free 316 Page eBook Build and deploy your own service-oriented application using open-source products PHP and ActiveBPEL engine, as described in this easy-to-follow tutorial eBook.

Social Media Marketing GPS — Free 91 Page eBook SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You’ll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Social Media Marketing: 12 Essential Tips for Success Learn how to effectively engage customer communities with a new, social marketing mix.

Software as a Service: A Cheaper, Faster Way to Access Applications Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) allows SMBs to pay for what they use- all while deploying applications quickly, with less in-house staff and fewer related costs.

Solid State Technology Is the longest-running semiconductor magazine and is the most complete source of information for the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Solving the 5 Biggest Challenges of Field Service Delivery Learn how on-demand technology will help you conquer the headaches of field service delivery!

Sony’s Premium Customer Support Learn how Sony delivers a premium product with a premium support experience.

Spectroscopy Features research and applications articles of immediate interest to users and buyers of spectroscopic equipment.

Speed Innovation and Reduce R&D Costs with Scientific Information Management Ideal for Executives and R&D Managers in the chemicals, materials or manufacturing industries to gain greater visibility into the R&D process to improve productivity, speed innovation and achieve top line growth.

Spotlight on the Distribution Sector: Market Challenges and Responses in 2010 Learn the Top Business Goals and Challenges in the Distribution Sector.

SQLite 3 with PHP Essential Training – Free Video Training Tutorials In SQLite 3 with PHP Essential Training, Bill Weinman addresses all of SQLite’s major features in the context of the PHP environment.

SSN Newswire Business News for Security System Integrators and Installers.

Start With A Lead: Eight Critical Success Factors for Lead Generation eBook According to studies, the single biggest issue for contemporary business-to-business marketers is effective lead generation. Conversely, it has been pointed out that 80 percent of marketing expenditures on lead generation are wasted because the leads are lost, ignored or discarded by sales people.

State and Future of Twitter 2010, The Twitter has flourished into a living and breathing organism whose characteristics are dictated and personified through their Tweets and the Tweets of those they follow.

State of Resilience on IBM Power Systems, The Read the In-Depth Research Findings Based on Worldwide Surveys of IBM i and AIX Users.

State of Social Media Around the World 2010, The Visualize social media adoption on a global scale.

Stone World Is a source of information on stone use in architecture and interior design as well as stone production, distribution, installation, and maintenance.

Storage Source Magazine This newly premiered publication is a one-stop source for storage strategies and management, offered exclusively by

STORES Magazine Provides a unique perspective on the retail industry and is essential reading for retail executives.

Strategic Guide to Virtualization, The This guide explores the opportunities and limitations you should be aware of as you implement virtualization – from the desktop to the data center – and is designed to help you make the best decisions for your organization.

StrategicRISK Provides the trusted, independent, authoritative content that has made it the first stop for all professionals in the risk management industry.

Strategies for Solving the Datacenter Space, Power, and Cooling Crunch: Sun Server and Storage Optimization Techniques Learn about the range of technologies that can help you drive more efficiency in your datacenter.

Strategies for Solving the Datacenter Space, Power, and Cooling Crunch: Sun Server and Storage Optimization Techniques By meeting the requirements to deploy new applications and support a larger number of internal and external customers, IT organizations are facing a space, power, and cooling crunch.

Student Group Tour Magazine Is a publication for individuals, educators and organizations actively planning trips for student groups.

Successful Dealer Successful Dealer serves truck dealers, trailer dealers, truck leasing & rental companies, truck body/equipment dealers and others allied to the field.

Successful Live Event Streaming Learn from the pros. Get streaming tips from the company that delivered the 2008 Olympics and President Obama’s inauguration to the world. (Flawlessly).

Sun Blade 6000 Modular System: Power and Cooling Efficiency Oracle’s Sun Blade 6000 Modular System was designed from the ground up to deliver far greater efficiency than a corresponding set of rack-mount servers.

Supply House Times Is the number one magazine serving today’s wholesalers, distributors and reps.

Support OSHA Compliance and Create a Safer Work Environment Find out how automating workforce management policies help to improve workplace safety and allows you to meet documentation requirements for OSHA compliance.

SureCast™ for Salesforce® Forecasting and Opportunity Management Application using Monte Carlo Simulation!

Surgical Products Is the leading magazine for news on medical/surgical equipment, supplies and services.

SY0-201 CompTIA Security+ Special Edition Practice Exam and Study Guide Free 1Z0SY0-201 CompTIA Security+ and 51 page Study Guide.

Symantec Enterprise Vault and Exchange 2010 Microsoft has announced their next release of their flagship messaging platform, Exchange Server, and with this announcement have come details of the new features and functionality to be included.

Synchronous Belt Failure Analysis Guide Replacing Belts More Than Once Per Year? It’s Time to Analyze Your Drive.

Take an Optimized Approach to Inventory Management Transform inventory from a cost into a real service opportunity, allowing you to continuously optimize inventory at every level of your supply chain.

Taking Control of Your Business: Growing Profitably in the Professional Services Market This paper details how professional services firms can grow and thrive in a difficult market by enhancing project visibility, maximizing resource utilization, improving operational efficiency, and successfully acquiring more customers.

Talent Management Is directed to top-level management, senior human resources, workforce and organizational development executives whose task is to optimize the abilities..

Talent Management in a Down Economy Explore the relationship between talent management strategies, processes and practices, and the advantages that can be gained by talent management for organizations coping with an economic downturn.

Tape Technology Leaps Forward in the 3rd Era (Horizon) It’s time to re-examine the growth opportunity that lies ahead for tape storage solutions, the technological ingredients for tape’s success and its sustainability.

Target Marketing Covers all direct response media, including direct mail, telemarketing, space advertising, the Web and direct response TV.

Target Marketing Tipline eNewsletter Is the email newsletter for serious direct marketers looking for practical tips and strategies for profitable direct marketing.

Technical Best Practices for Dynamics AX – Application Design Standards — Free Sample Chapter A free sample chapter from Packt Enterprise’s book: Software Testing for Dynamics AX.

Technische Revue Für Konstrukteure, Entwickler und das technische Management, vorwiegend aus den Bereichen Maschinenbau und Elektrotechnik/Elektronik.

Telecom – Implementing BPM to Drive Profitable Sales Learn how Lombardi’s platform has helped TeliaSonera transform their sales process from reactive to proactive providing them with the standardization, visibility and agility that they need to be competitive.

Telecom Products Is your essential guide to successful sourcing from China & Asia.

Ten Database Activities Enterprises Need to Monitor Most enterprises are paying too little attention to the very real security risks associated with their databases. Auditors, security and risk professionals, and data owners need to watch for telltale behaviors that may indicate serious database security problems.

Ten Innovative Ways to Use Twitter for Business Increasingly more companies use Twitter for business – to do market research, do brand advocacy and reputation management and provide selected highlights from a conference or event. Twitter allows them to expand their brand and thus generate new opportunities.

Ten Tips for Making Your Business More Efficient Here are 10 tips for using network technology to help your business work more efficiently, cut costs, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition.

Ten Tips for Making Your Business More Efficient Explore 10 tips for using network technology to help your business work more efficiently, cut costs, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition.

Three Fundamental Techniques to Maximize the Value of Your Enterprise Data Learn the three key methods used to improve and extend enterprise data utilization.

Three Secrets to Bridging the Lean Performance Gap New eBook – 12 strategic actions manufacturers can take to bridge the Lean performance gap.

Three Truths to Guide SMBs Toward Capitalizing on the Economic Turnaround Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) around the world are facing a competitive environment more intense than ever.

Time and Attendance System Comparisons for Your Business This guide breaks down the ins-and-outs of Time and Attendance Systems, and explains how your workforce can manage their own schedules, which keeps their jobs easier and your ROI high. You will also receive multiple free price quotes by phone/email from reputable Time and Attendance system companies.

Time is Right to Transform the Data Center. Next-Generation Servers Deliver Radical ROI and Form the Foundation for a Converged Infrastructure, The It’s no surprise that most IT professionals are looking to improve the state of their data centers.

Tips for Choosing B2B Lead Generation Vendors for White Paper and Content Distribution Gain valuable information on what to look for when selecting an online content distribution provider. This paper provides recommendations and tips to keep in mind when evaluating providers for a successful online lead generation program.

Tire Business Is written for others involved in the manufacturer, sale and distribution of tires and related products, services and equipment.

To Chat or Not to Chat: Lotus Sametime – Free 22 Page Sample Chapter A free sample chapter from Packt Enterprise’s book: IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 User Guide

Today’s Energy Solutions Serves small and large energy companies, manufacturers/designers of materials and components for alternative energy resources, and a select group of government offices.

Today’s Integrated Approach to Global Logistics and Fulfillment Across the three main process areas of supply-side logistics, warehouse operations, and demand-side logistics, the overall fulfillment process is interwoven throughout the global supply network.

Today’s Medical Developments Covers the medical device and equipment industry including issues such as the need to curtail health care costs, and manufacturing efficiencies to help produce products faster and cheaper.

Too Much Data, Too Little Insight? Put Your Data to Work for You with Second-Generation Digital Analytical Tools Have you committed significant resources to digital analysis only to find that you are getting too much data, too few insights? There is hope on the horizon. A new breed of technology is emerging to accelerate time to insight and dramatically improve the value your existing data provides.

Top 10 Concerns of Buying a VoIP Business Phone System Learn the ten biggest concerns surrounding any VoIP business telephone purchase, and suggested ways in which you can deal with them.

Top 10 Must Have Business Phone Features Buying a Business Phone System? See Compare Business Products’ Top 10 Must Have Business Phone Features Guide.

Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Video Conferencing Before you purchase a new video communications system, learn the top 10 questions to ask on today’s video conferencing solutions.

Top 10 Reasons for Choosing Open Source Data Integration, The Learn the top 10 reasons why customers are choosing Talend.

Top 10 Reports for Managing Vulnerabilities, The This free guide covers the key aspects of the vulnerability management lifecycle and shows you what reports today’s best-in-class organizations are using to reduce risks on their network infrastructure.

Top 10 Things You Will Save with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Real, measurable benefits guaranteed to cut costs and renew efficiency across your organization.

Top 5 Reasons to Replace your Remote Support Tool Why your existing remote support tool may not be keeping pace with the changing needs of your end users and customers.

Top Eight Items To Consider When Recruiting New Staff Members Attract qualified individuals whose primary focus is on people and human service and steps you should take prior to your recruitment efforts.

Top Floor to Shop Floor: Business Insight for Discrete Manufacturing Industry As today’s technology grows in performance, reach, and complexity, technology manufacturers are struggling to maintain an efficient supply chain that is becoming more complicated and less forgiving. In order to stay competitive, these organizations are looking for ways to facilitate a smoother and more optimized global supply chain.

Total Landscape Care Is an industry news magazine for green industry and landscaping professionals.

Transforming Materials Discovery with High-Throughput Computation High-throughput quantum chemical calculations and virtual screening promise to revolutionize materials discovery.

Transforming Power of Open Symbology in the Financial Industry An open symbology framework for financial instrument identifiers can automate and accelerate transaction processes while driving out costs and introducing higher levels of transparency for effective risk management. Bloomberg explores open symbology in the securities industry.

Transmission & Distribution World Is edited for engineers and operating professionals in the electric power industry.

Truck Parts & Service Serves the field of product distribution and service to truck, trailer and bus fleets, and the trucking industry.

Turbomachinery International Covers industries engaged in all forms of energy, including power generation, electric utilities and cogeneration, oil & gas refining, gas processing, compression, drilling and exploration.

TWICE Is the most respected publication in the consumer electronics field. Readers turn to TWICE as the authority in consumer electronics information and news.

Twitter Means Business – How Microblogging Can Help or Hurt Your Company In this ebook excerpt, learn what Twitter is, how your company can benefit from using it and what you can expect from the rest of the book.

Twitter: Best Practices and Tips If you’ve felt like tweeting for quite some time now, but didn’t know where to start, this guide is for you.

U.S. Banker Covers the market trends, regulations, innovations and individuals that are reshaping the financial services landscape.

Ultimate Guide to Gmail, The Gmail has profited from Google’s innovations to become a very popular email service and it has differentiated itself from other services in many ways.

Ultimate Guide To Your Windows Mobile Phone, The This 50 page guide starts at the very basics of Windows Mobile, and quietly builds up its pace to a more advanced level.

Una revolución en la agilidad: Integracion del negocio a través de arquitectura orientada a servicios (SOA) En el mundo actual de negocios donde ocuren cambios rápidamente, organizaciones de todo tipo enfrentran un desafío común y persistente: cómo llegar a ser y mantenerse lo suficientemente ágil como para satisfacer las crecientes expectativas de los clientes y adaptarse a los requisitos de cumplimiento nuevo, todo mientras mantenerse adelante de la competencia.

Underground Construction Is an important resource for any contractor, municipal manager or engineering professional involved in the construction, rehabilitation and remediation of underground pipeline systems.

Underground Guide To The iPhone, The Read about the basic user interface and a ton of incredible iPhone features you would’ve otherwise missed. This guide explains in detail how to perform both the very simple and the most tedious tasks. Find out how to get your hands on fresh applications, how to keep your device synchronized and even how to jailbreak your iPhone!

Understanding and Controlling 3G Costs Learn ways to prevent roaming charges, and how visibility and control over usage can help curb 3G costs.

Understanding and Selecting a Database Assessment Solution Learn the value of database assessments and how to evaluate database assessment solutions.

Unified Communications Buyer’s Guide and Comparison Guide Find out if your lines of communication are open for your Enterprise.

Unlock the Cash in Your Supply Chain with Inventory Optimization Learn how Inventory Optimization gives you a competitive advantage and a stronger cash position.

Unlock the Power of Your Field Service Teams with Mobility Learn Why Mobile Technology is a "Must Have" for Successful Field Service Operations in Transportation and Logistics Companies.

Unplanned Work: The Silent Killer Identify dangers and learn to measure and quantify unplanned work to create a high performing IT organization.

Using Business Intelligence to Help Control Outcomes in an Uncontrollable World Gain insight to better understand how retailers perceive challenges and opportunities created by the sudden emergence of social media.

Using Social Media to Connect With Your Customers Online -Free 93 Page eBook Social media isn’t just a list of destinations. It’s a new standard of expectations. Connect with your customers online or your competitors will.

Using the Magic Pocket: A Dropbox Guide This 36 page guide explains the benefits of using Dropbox, including syncing your files online and across your computers automatically, sharing files in a few clicks and backing up files online without having to think about it.

Utility Products Is a monthly magazine that provides influential product information to the decision makers and specifiers in the power, telephone and CATV markets.

Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications with Confidence This white paper provides an overview of the challenges that organizations face in virtualizing business critical applications given their current tools and processes.

Vision Systems Design For engineers who research, design, develop, manufacture, and integrate components and subsystems for machine-vision systems and image-processing and analysis.

Visual Merchandising & Store Design Is the leading resource for retail designers and store display professionals, serving the retail industry since 1869 (then called Display World).

VoIP Can Save Your Small Business Thousands of Dollars You’ve heard how VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can save your business thousands of dollars in telecom costs. But do you know which system and providers are right for your company?

VoIP Phone Service for Small Business: All the Features of Corporate Phone Systems at a Fraction of the Cost Learn how your business can take advantage of the same advanced communications options as a larger corporation while enjoying significant cost savings over your current, outdated phone system. You will also receive free customized, no obligation, Business VoIP price quotes and see how VoIP would benefit your business.

Walls & Ceilings Covers all aspects of the industry: drywall, lath and plaster, stucco, ceilings and acoustics, exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS), fireproofing, metal framing and architectural decorative ornamentation, insulation, windows/doors, trims/moldings, spray textures and paints.

Warehouse Management Today: Balancing Financial Pressures and Growing Demand Traditional linear supply chains with sequential processes are evolving into complex global ecosystems that are highly responsive to customer requirements.

Washington Technology Is the national magazine for government contractors. Every issue provides in-depth news, analysis and insight on the business of delivering technology and services to government.

Water & Wastes Digest Serves the field of water supply and wastewater systems.

Water Quality Products Provides balanced editorial content including developments in water conditioning, filtration and disinfection for residential, commercial and industrial systems.

Water Technology® Delivers substantive information that is written for those who know the water treatment business. Over 19,000 professionals rely on Grand View Media Group’s monthly magazine to help them run more profitable dealerships.

Watt Poultry USA Is a monthly magazine serving poultry professionals engaged in business ranging from the start of Production through Poultry Processing.

Web 2.0: Engaging Customer Passion By selecting the right tools for your company’s particular product, brand or campaign, your organization can fulfill the desire and expectations that customers now have for interaction.

Web Application Firewalls: Defend and Defer Access Your Complimentary Copy Today. This Offer (a $399 Value) Expires 12/31/2010.

Web Strategy 3.0: e-Business Leadership through Customer Centric Internet Platforms – Free 24 Page eBook Learn more about advanced and customer centric web strategy including topics like driving traffic to your website through multiple channels (Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM), converting website visitors to leads, CRM, concepts for online customer service, and much more.

Web-based Timesheet Software for Project & Billing Discover how fast and easy Project & Billing tracking can be. FREE TRIAL!

Web-based Timesheet Software for Time & Attendance Discover how fast and easy Time & Attendance tracking can be. FREE TRIAL!

What Retailers Need to Know to Implement Customer Kiosks Learn what questions to ask when implementing self-service kiosks in your store to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

What to Look for in a Call Center: A Free Guide on Making the Right Choice These days it seems nearly every business, whether large or small, is using a call center. Does your business need one, and if so, how do you choose the right type of call center to fulfill your needs? This Free Guide will help answer all your questions, plus you get instantly matched with qualified Call Center vendors to receive custom, no obligation quotes.

What’s Working in Human Resources What’s Working in Human Resources is a fast-read resource that keeps busy human resource executives up to date on the latest developments in employment law, discrimination, harassment, and disability issues.

Why Cloud-Based Security and Archiving Make Sense Learn how email archiving has become a critical “best practice” for organizations of all types and how the cloud model can provide a more effective email management solution.

Why Cloud-Based Security and Archiving Make Sense Cloud computing is one of the most significant trends in IT today.

Why Ease of Use and Quality of User Experience Are The Most Critical Criteria for Successful Videoconferencing Deployments Learn what is the most critical factor in your Videoconferencing selection process.

Why Small Businesses Should Look Beyond Big Brands When Choosing Antivirus Size doesn’t matter – learn to do more with less when it comes to protecting your endpoints from internet based threats and vulnerabilities.

Windows 7 Essential Training – Free Video Training Tutorials In Windows 7 Essential Training, David Rivers helps users of any level feel comfortable with the improvements and enhancements found in Microsoft’s operating system.

Windows 7 Guide: From Newbies to Pros, The The Proper Introduction to Windows 7

Windows 7 Professional Test Drive Learn more about Windows 7 Professional in two ways: Get hands-on and actually “test drive”; or simply watch a video about the features.

Wireless Design & Development Is the leading product and information resource for decision-making wireless design engineering and technology professionals.

Wireless Week Delivers news, analysis and trends covering all aspects of wireless communications, with a focus on technology and business issues all designed to help you make well-informed business decisions.

WorkBoat Is the leading publication written for workboat professionals on inland and coastal waterways.

Workflow Program– Free 35 Page Chapter A free sample chapter from Packt Enterprise’s book: Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 Cookbook.

Workforce Management Is your ultimate guide to strategic workforce issues.

Workforce: From Discovery to Production, Increasing Operational Efficiencies in the Pharmaceutical Industry, The Learn how life science companies can increase revenues and maintain profits through workforce management.

World Industrial Reporter Is an international email newsletter for engineers, managers and buyers in the global industrial marketplace.

World Oil Is the leading magazine in oil and gas exploration, drilling and production, providing readers with information on offshore and onshore operations worldwide.

WServerNews Is the world’s largest newsletter focused on system admin and security issues for Microsoft Windows Servers.

Your Backup Is Not an Archive -Optimizing Your Backup and Recovery Environment Data growth, budget pressure, rising service-level requirements, and new technologies like virtualization strain the capabilities of traditional backup and recovery processes.

z/Journal Is the resource for users of IBM mainframe computer systems.