Seven Tips for Profiting from Lean Times with CRM

Difficult times often prompt businesses to pull in their guns. They become inwardly focused, risk-averse and protective of their existing accounts. Faced with a business downturn, they shift their attention to conserving capital and minimizing risk. This reflexive reaction nearly always back fires. When the economy recovers, these companies find they have fallen behind their competitors and are in a poor position to catch up.

Smart business executives have learned that investing in customer relationships and overall effectiveness pays big dividends when the rebound invariably occurs. A tight economy is a good time to try new tactics, educate your sales force and adopt metrics that yield insights about the effectiveness of your sales and marketing programs. Now is the time to embrace new ideas so that when business improves, you will have the edge on your competition. Start by investing in technology to support and drive these new ideas throughout your organization.

Learn seven tips for leveraging customer relationship management (CRM) processes to turbo-charge your sales operation during lean economic times.

Published by Oracle Corporation and IT Business Edge

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