Entrecard.com For Sale – Time to Move On?

Entercard.com is up for auction at SitePoint. Minimum bid is $100,000. Now get this:

Existing Revenue

We make a small stream of revenue, enough to pay for our servers, currently selling credits and advertising on our site. About 2000 per month, give or take. However, Entrecard is not “monetized” yet, and however you choose to monetize it re: the 4 ways above will determine your success. If you implemented all four methods today, Entrecard would easily make $30,000 per month.

Yow. They are only making $2,000 a month? Jeez, that gives them a valuation of only about $20K-30K. Talk about “monetizing” (coulda – woulda – shoulda) is usually a desperate measure to get out from under an asset that is being eaten from the inside out. If it was easy to move from $2000 a month to anything approaching $30,000 a month, they should do that – I would think.

Whatever happens, I hope they fix whatever problems they are having today – Entrecard is killing my site’s performance!

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